L.A. Culture Night Out; Event by Leveled Magazine & Den. M. Bar

People seem to enjoy hating on LA.

We have been pegged as a soulless society of plastic people in tinsel town. That is why I LOVE proving the outside world W-R-O-N-G.
LA is a cool town, with too much to do. We thrive in culture, artistry with a neo-futuristic background to live in reminiscent of ‘Metropolis’. We have underground culture an are the bringer’s of new, not old.

Case in point I bring you Leveled Magazine & Den.m Bar’s Wednesday social at the Hive Gallery in DTLA.

Let me explain a little about the cool cats who ran this, starting with Leveled Magazine;

Their Mission; Bringing the culture of Los Angeles (and the world) to your brain. With everything from epic editorials to fierce fashion these guys have won me over. I get sick of ‘genre’ magazines that cover one maybe two things.

This month’s issue includes a Beautiful spread on Audrey Kitching and a weird editorial article & photo shoot with stars like Bobcat Goldthwait and Kathy Griffin.

Let’s take it a step further for the fashionably aware out there.
Los Angeles hippest custom denim company Den.m.Bar was repping this too. Den.M Bar for those not in the know is best described as a couture jeans company. Walk in and pick from a huge line of custom denim creating a jean for yourself that includes picking out your own zippers, pocket cloth and even thread. Custom is the 21st century ultimate couture and now it’s accessible.

Angelenos are notoriously picky ranging from food to clothing despite our casual looking lifestyle. Which is why I only go to events like this. With fashion, culture, and an open bar. Yes, Leveled Magazine had drinks mixing voddy with One Coconut Water or ever lovely Honest Tea. There was even fizzy Kombucha from the fab people at Health-ade.

Now you have a perfect evening. I even have the pictures below to prove it.
Check out the gallery below

Seem’s LA culture is alive and well. Perhaps the whiners out there will reel in the snotty comments on how LA ‘has no culture;.
Let’s face it kittens. When we do it, we do it right and with a BANG. LA’s luxe crowd never looked so cool in 100 degree weather.

Check out all the sponsors and vendors involved.
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