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New Look at HeathyrWolfe.com! #New #Custom #Update #Fancy


Oh yes! Hello my sexy kittens. With my fabulous birthday passing (May 24th) I decided it was time for a long overdue update to my site. What you see here is a new format with fabulous, easy to ready fonts, pages, my styling port and more. I will be constantly undergoing construction because I am a total nerd girl and love updating techy things.

Soon there will be more media, videos, photos and blog posts than you can shake your iPhone at.

Much love and feedback is always welcome, though rarely taken seriously.

Happy reading,

Heathyr Wolfe

Stylist Workshop by @TrendyMii and Fabric Fashion Show – Day 2 Come Do Q& A with @HeathyrWolfe @eburnsprepjerks ! #Stylist #QA #FAQ #Fashion #RedCarpet #FREE


Save the date kittens! For two days Kiera Renee and her company TrendyMii will be putting on a conference for those of you interested in the fashion industry and becoming a celebrity stylist. This is full deal with how to workshops and what it takes to make it in the industry.

March 29th I will be on a celebrity stylist panel doing Q&A with the ever talented E Burns of Prepjerks. The man is also Christina Millian’s right hand.

Held at 424 N Beverly Hills Blvd by Lifestyle Beverly Hills, I will be there discussing, how to make it in this industry, and answering all your questions about the difference between styling clients on editorial, runway and red carpet.

Excited? Here’s the line-up;


Trendymii brings Stylers Panel, a style conversation, to Lifestyle Bevelry Hills, produced by Fabric Fashion Show on March 28th and 29th at 424 N Beverly Hills Bvld.

Two days of learning to wrap up Los Angeles Fashion week, and kickstart your Spring. All hosted by Fashion Journalist Kiera Renee

Day 1:

Stylers Panel Presents:

LifestyleBH Presents:

Stylers Panel: Dress for Spring on a Budget
Powered by Trendymii

Marko the Curator – Using Ragdolls

Kyla Gaile – using Ximena Valero

Gianni Valentino- using ILF

Ximena Valero
Ragdolls Boutique
I Love Fashion LA Boutique

Live Tapping of webseries: Ximena Valero
Media Coverage: The LA Fashion, Incline Magazine, Trendymii

Day 2

March 29th

LifestyleBH Presents:

Stylers Panel: I’m a celebrity Stylist
Powered by: Trendymii



Heathyr Wolfe


Apollo L Bowz

Special Meet and Greet with recording group Happy Pills

Media Coverage: The LA Fashion

This is a FREE EVENT! All you have to do it show up!

For Immediate Release: Glamour Fashion Week to Take Over International Runways in 2015-2016

Glamour fashion final gm

Glamour Fashion Week is the newest event in the fashion industry.  We are set to launch our first year on 2015.

Our goal is to set and accommodate a platform for our designers to show case they latest collection’s. We will be presenting, along with the designers, live performances, vendors, and events ensuring that Glamour Fashion Week will be an amazing event set for success.

Glamour Fashion Week will be a global event. We will start of in United States going through; New York, Miami, Atlanta, Austin, Las Vegas and Los Angeles. Then an international tour will take GFW through; Puerto Rico, Santo Domingo, Milan, Paris and ending in Dubai in 2016. GFW will be an all-inclusive package including airfare, food, hotel, lodging and transportation for certain international destinations. With packages like these, this tour will not only ensure Glamour Fashion Week an astronomical success, but also create many more years of Glamour Fashion Week in the future.

We have already collaborated with multiple media & entertainment companies. Working with the our director of GFW Richard Zacharakis is, EOTM Media Marketing, 809 Media Marketing, Dreams in Heels and Carla B PR. Their continued sponsorship and support will help make Glamour Fashion Week a monumental success.

Meet the directors of our fabulous Team; Producer and affiliate of RZ Promotions and head of Alaska Fashion Week  Dominick Liriano.



Dominick has spent years on the fashion circuit producing AFW, and other events. Liriano created GFW stating, “I’ve been honored to helm Alaska Fashion Week for many years, but now it is time to dream bigger. Glamour Fashion Week is that dream.” To contact Mr. Liriano directly please e-mail: producer@glamourfashionweek.com

Our amazing Director Richard Zacharakis.


Head of Glamour Fashion week and President of RZ Promotions: zacharakis@glamourfashionweek.com

Our dedicated Production crew will be here to answer any questions or concerns you may have as a designer, sponsor, entertainer, guest or vendor

Public Relations – Olga Maria: pr@glamourfashionweek.com

Press – Ernesto Tecco: tecco@glamourfashionweek.com

Hair and Make-Up – Kandace Denson: kandace@glamourfashionweek.com

Assistant Director – Heathyr Wolfe : heathyrw@gmail.com

Glamour Fashion Week will include a full-scale event that includes booths for vendors, a red carpet, sponsorship packages, a photo wall, multiple runways, multi-media views screens and more. Glamour Fashion Week will also be providing internationally renowned spokes models;

Angelica Guillen (Project Runway)


Darling Moya


And our international GFW contest winner Isjan Cortes


For a list of the locations around the world, we are presenting Glamour Fashion Week check our website at, www.glamourfashionweek.com. Feel free to contact any of our representatives or find us, and like us at fb.com/glamourfashionweek.

Want to be part of Glamour Fashion Week? Feel free to contact us at info@glamourfashionweek.com.


DKNY Beverly Hills Trunk Show #Today #Fashion #DonnaKaran

After lot’s of coughing, Nyquil and a million vitamins I have beat H1N1. Just in time too. NYFW invites are coming in, shows are lining up for LAFW and I need to get back to business in a big way.

SO here’s the deet’s for today’s too fab fashion event in LA.

In Beverly Hills (of course) DKNY is having a trunk show at the ever lovely shopping hot spot, Neiman Marcus of Beverly Hills. It’s going all day until 5pm PST so if you have car, and will travel, travel here;


Not only do you get to shop the new SS 2014 line but you can meet someone amazing who makes it happen FROM DKNY, the amazing Shirley Warren. This is a great chance to hob nob, network, shop and later do the rodeo drive luncheon.

So what are you waiting for? A formal invite. You have one! No go!

Lindsay Lohan Available for Weddings/Bar Mitzvahs?! #YourEvent #hellno









My favorite poster girl for AA has become a commodity and is selling her soul…I mean herself….I mean is AVAILABLE for weddings and bar mitzvahs.

According to new news surfacing on the NYPostDaily.com her management, 123Talent.com, says she available for your party now!

Check out this screenshot;


Who knew Lindsay is a fashion designer and recording artist. I thought she was Miss body shots 2012. I have much to learn about our redheaded friend. I would think Lindsay at a wedding would be an awesome ear bleeding wedding singer. Maybe she could recite Hebrew at your Bar mitzvah wearing a prison issued yarmulke. Garsh that sounds like fun.

I guess with a huge debt to the IRS and a storage locker full of stuff she hasn’t paid for she NEEDS the money. Oh that, and her 12 packs a day cigarette habit she washes down with booze and meth.

Will you be booking Lilo for your next event? Yeah, I didn’t think so.

L.A. Culture Night Out; Event by Leveled Magazine & Den. M. Bar

People seem to enjoy hating on LA.

We have been pegged as a soulless society of plastic people in tinsel town. That is why I LOVE proving the outside world W-R-O-N-G.
LA is a cool town, with too much to do. We thrive in culture, artistry with a neo-futuristic background to live in reminiscent of ‘Metropolis’. We have underground culture an are the bringer’s of new, not old.

Case in point I bring you Leveled Magazine & Den.m Bar’s Wednesday social at the Hive Gallery in DTLA.

Let me explain a little about the cool cats who ran this, starting with Leveled Magazine;

Their Mission; Bringing the culture of Los Angeles (and the world) to your brain. With everything from epic editorials to fierce fashion these guys have won me over. I get sick of ‘genre’ magazines that cover one maybe two things.

This month’s issue includes a Beautiful spread on Audrey Kitching and a weird editorial article & photo shoot with stars like Bobcat Goldthwait and Kathy Griffin.

Let’s take it a step further for the fashionably aware out there.
Los Angeles hippest custom denim company Den.m.Bar was repping this too. Den.M Bar for those not in the know is best described as a couture jeans company. Walk in and pick from a huge line of custom denim creating a jean for yourself that includes picking out your own zippers, pocket cloth and even thread. Custom is the 21st century ultimate couture and now it’s accessible.

Angelenos are notoriously picky ranging from food to clothing despite our casual looking lifestyle. Which is why I only go to events like this. With fashion, culture, and an open bar. Yes, Leveled Magazine had drinks mixing voddy with One Coconut Water or ever lovely Honest Tea. There was even fizzy Kombucha from the fab people at Health-ade.

Now you have a perfect evening. I even have the pictures below to prove it.
Check out the gallery below

Seem’s LA culture is alive and well. Perhaps the whiners out there will reel in the snotty comments on how LA ‘has no culture;.
Let’s face it kittens. When we do it, we do it right and with a BANG. LA’s luxe crowd never looked so cool in 100 degree weather.

Check out all the sponsors and vendors involved.
Direct links to sponsors:

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