Just 45 Minutes from Broadway Premier – Coming Soon (Plus Official Trailer)

Being a producer, Cinephile and all around entertainment junkie I am happy to say I will be going to the Premier of Henry Jaglom’s, ‘Just 45 Minutes to Broadway’ in a couple of weeks. It has Tanna Frederick, Judd Nelson, Julie Davis and Diane Salinger. Excited!!(thanks to Robert Kenney in advance)

Should be an excellent adventure. And I hope the
play/film is as good as I hope. I’ll review it soon.

xox a million times Heathyr

One comment

  • I saw a preview of Just 45 Minutes From Broadway and it is fun! Not a rehash of Henry Jaglom’s wonderful play but a beautiful expansion of the play with lots of new stuff. The seder scene was particularly funny. And it IS an homage to actors. Thank you Henry.