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End of the Comic World is Nigh, Ben Affleck Cast as Batman #BetterBatmanThanBenAffleck

And we have a casting FAIL!!

Yes the Ben Affleck, Oscar winner of ‘Argo’ and dad to Jennifer Garner’s kids, has been cat as Batman in ‘Batman vs Superman’.

Wait for it……


Oh Marvel what on EARTH have you done?!! Although many debate his acting skills are on par half the world is chiming in with a very loud ‘NO’!


Twitter has been taken over by the trend #BetterBatmanThanBenAffleck, with suck glorious tweets as ;

1 Paula Deen
2 A cats butthole
3 Ben Affleck’s mom
4 A No. 2 Pencil
5 Don Knotts
6 Caulk
7 All of China

Hilarity is ensuing but how bad is it really?

Even the industrious liberal’s over at Change. org, who normally are all about politics, have stopped long enough to throw up a petition for Warner Brothers Studio to fire him.

Sign Change.org’s No Affleck as Batman petition here

As a very loud-mouthed Geek Girl, believe Grumpy Cat would be better. At least he comes with his own scowl.



Come on guys, you have until 2015, when it comes out to fix this!! In the meantime how badly do YOU think this movie will tank if Ben Affleck keeps the role of Batman? Voice your opinion HERE;

Muppet’s are making a SEQUEL!!! ‘Muppet’s Most Wanted’ #OMG #SQUEE

Muppets Most Wanted Logo

Although Facebook is a plethora of evil status comments, bad fan pages (like mine http://www.facebook.com/HeathyrWolfe) and ridiculous e-cards of hate, sometimes it brings something so good it cancels out everything. What can conquer evil and bring sunshine to countries like the UK? THE MUPPETS!!


Yes the Muppet’s are back in action in giving us “SEQUEL, SEQUEL” with Rick Gevais, Tina Fey, ScarJo, Penelope Cruz and the illustrious Ty Burrell.

When?! We are sad because the wait for Muppets Most Wanted is what seem’s like forever. It’s not coming to theaters until March 21, 2014! Wt-holy Animal heck? I need my fix. Ah well….here’s the trailer in HD until then.

Emma Watson for GQ. Talks Bling Ring Promo. #PrettyWoman #Sexy #GoEmma #Video


I love it when classy actors and artists get trashy for magazine covers. It show’s they have a sense of humor. That and she looks smoking hot!

It seems little Hermione aka Emma Watson, is all grown up and kicking ass doing movies that are very NOT Harry Potter related. Seems he also like’s the independent film (like Mr. Radcliffe). Who wouldn’t after starring in kids movies for most of your teen, tween and adolescence years. Sounds like they are the UK’s version of a Disney kid’s.

Ms. Watson has indeed grown up and is not only smoking hot on the cover of GQ but is taking on a role’s that will blow your mind. Ok, maybe not but this time she is playing a Hollywood rich-bitch bad girl in the ‘Bling Ring’. Her character is a far cry from Emma and Hermione. And according to Emma, detestable.

“When I read the script and I realized that essentially it was a meditation on fame and what it’s become to our society, I had to do it,” Watson told the magazine. “The character is everything that I felt strongly against – she’s superficial, materialistic, vain, amoral. She’s all of these things and I realized that I hated her.”

“How do you play someone you hate?” Watson asked. “But I found it really interesting and it gave me a whole new insight into what my job, or my role as an actress, could be.”

The movie is kind of, sort of, based on real life happenings. A bunch of rich teens decided to go rip off and steal from their neighbors in a series of real life heist’s In the Hollywood Hills. People like Paris Hilton, Orlando Bloom and our beloved drug addict Lilo got hit. Oh and it got covered in Vanity Fair. Apparently, yes they got caught. This movie would be meh BUT, thankfully, Sofia Coppola is directing it. That means it should be a fun, sweet, touching and messed up all in one happy little bundle.

Enjoy the trailer below while you drool over Emma above.

Just 45 Minutes from Broadway Premier – Coming Soon (Plus Official Trailer)

Being a producer, Cinephile and all around entertainment junkie I am happy to say I will be going to the Premier of Henry Jaglom’s, ‘Just 45 Minutes to Broadway’ in a couple of weeks. It has Tanna Frederick, Judd Nelson, Julie Davis and Diane Salinger. Excited!!(thanks to Robert Kenney in advance)

Should be an excellent adventure. And I hope the
play/film is as good as I hope. I’ll review it soon.

xox a million times Heathyr

On the set of ‘Magic Mike’ at Bizzy B of Hollywood & Interview with Sexy Owner Beatrice Prochazka

I was watching that glorious new chick flick/man meat movie ‘Magic Mike’ with my roommate. As we screamed, hooted and hollered at the TV we were stopped in our tracks. No, it wasn’t just because Channing Tatum’s hot dance moves, or Joe Mangiello’s fabulous chest. It was because we actually recognized where they were shooting.

And it was freekin Bizzy B of Hollywood.

Yes that’s right, it’s where the star’s shop for their bikini’s, dance wear and nether things. Now with a nifty guys section. That’s right they stuff for boys now too. And in that boys section was Channing Tatum, shopping for man thong with Alex Petyfer.

Oh…my….god. Someone pinch me. Being a writer and a bit of a cinephile I had to rush down and cover this. Also take cheesy pictures with the underwear they were shopping for in the movie.

This way to the ‘boys side’,





Man undie section

It’s a mecca for sexy men and boys!







Me with the ACTUAL undies they touched in Magic Mike, dontcha want a pair, I know you do;

I sat down for a few hours and grilled owner, Beatrice Prochazka, about having the boys of ‘Magic Mike’ on set.

Owner, Model, Designer, Sexpot and Actress Beatrice Prochazka as Wonder Woman, costume by her

H: How long were they shooting here in Bizzy B of Hollywood?

B: Two days

H:I saw that you had a cameo in the movie, did you enjoy it?

B:It was wonderful! I loved having them in the store. Steven Sodenberg was here on set and Channing Tatum brought his wife.

H: How sweet! What was your favorite part of shooting with the Magic Mike Crew?

B: I got to talk and connect with Channing Tatum. He is so nice. He asked if he could use my name in the movie. (He say’s ‘Hi Beatrice as he first walks in the store in the movie’).

H:Well I am glad he used your name or I wouldn’t have believed it was you.

Beatrice Prochazka with still from Magic Mike in front of the Menswear section

I always knew my odd and wonderful friendship’s in Hollywood would pay off. Who knew my lingerie would too. HUGE thanks to Bizzy B for letting me invade her store and take fan girl photos. I mean the hotties of ‘Magic Mike’ in my favorite store on the Boulevard. Lord have mercy. Why didn’t someone call me!

Feel free to stop by and meet Beatrice and see the set of ‘Magic Mike’ yourself.

Click the pretty picture below for directions on Google Maps;

OR Visit Bseductive.com for all your girly needs,

and Bseduced.com for her online menswear store

Happy shopping! Now go see ‘Magic Mike’, you won’t regret it.

Video is the new Catwalk. Presenting Dior and Gucci’s Newest.

We all know Karl Lagerfeld is a genius. He is indeed breaking boundaries in both Fashion AND Marketing.

The first designer ever to use short films/video as a marketing tool in a major fashion house. Not just video but literal short films. He tells stories and make you forget, for just one minute, hot models dressed in head to toe Dior are selling you a product.

Here is his latest triumph, a music video, found in the pages of my Vanity Fair, ‘Secret Garden-Versailles’.

These movies are ethereal, surreal and unique. Unkle Karl is not just a genius, but a mad genius.

Gucci has followed suit with a new style of bringing the runway out of the pages of Vogue, W Mag, Bazaar as well. A brilliant move, this SS 2012, they too presented a multi-media concept with their ‘Gucci Guilty’ campaign. Although it’s brought in more of a traditional advert format they brought one thing Dior Doesn’t have to the table. Chris Evan’s.


Who is next to follow suit? Whoever it is I think they are smarter than the average multi-million dollar fashion house.

For style and giggles, Here is ‘The tale of a Fairy’, by Karl Lagerfeld with Freja Beja.

Pt. 1

Pt. 2

Happy Sunday, Enjoy!