Heathyr Wolfe Leader of Team #3960, Time to GIVE for LA AIDS Walk! #pleaseRTShareReblog

I make no bones about asking for donations for LA AIDS Walk. To my GREAT Disappointment no one has donated to this incredible cause under my name or team. NONE of this goes to me and 100% funds the AIDS Project Los Angeles!

Me, Diversity News Team #3960 and millions effected with HIV need your amazing HELP and Donations to change that.

This has spread as a worldwide epidemic that has caused us to lose Friends, family, CHILDREN, everyone. I have lost family and friends, as well as knowing those who live with HIV/AIDS.

Deadline is the 13th so I am REALLY pushing for your help. Please find it in your heart to share a little kindness and donate to AIDS Walk LA by clicking my photo below

Click my photo as Leader for Team #3960 Diversity News and DONATE!

or HERE;


Thank you for your help! Millions depend on you!