From the Mouth of Unkle Karl, “Model’s are NOT that Skinny”. (video too)

I love Karl Lagerfeld, his style and how he and Choupette have clawed their way to be emperor and empress of fashionlandia.

Recently my white-headed Unkle Karl let out another gem.
This of course is AFTER offending Pippa Middleton re: her face, and singer Adele by calling her fat (he later said he meant Lana Del Rey).

This time the subject; Anorexic models. When asked about working with Anorexic models being a problem, his reply is was simple; Anorexia isn’t the problem, fat girls are. *headsmack*

Karl was quoted in the Huffington Post as saying;

“The story with anorexic girls — nobody works with anorexic girls. That has nothing to do with fashion. People who have that, they have problem with family and things like this. There are less than 1 percent of anorexic girls, but there are over — in France, I don’t know about England — over 30 percent of girls who are big, big, overweight.”

Oh Karl, when will you stop? We know you don’t like bigger girls. After all working with underweight models IS your job. But…having had problems with anorexia himself you think he would be a little kinder when it comes to weight issues.

Karl you are 79, and have earned his bitch wings in fashion, but remember ethics and morality in interviews my dear. It’s called being diplomatic.

See the full video below.