Last Minute Halloween Rush – Where to Go on Hollywood Boulevard

Oh Halloween. My favorite time of year. Of Course.

It’s a time where every girl is allowed to dress like a slut (see: Mean Girls) and every dude gets to actually dress UP. Kids get free candy, madness ensues at house parties and everyone wins. Also much preparation goes into costuming, unless, you are one of THOSE people. Yes, a last-minute, what am I wearing, kind of guy/gal. I of course have no idea what that is alike as this holiday is religious for me, but just in case….

Two places spring to mind when shopping for last-minute costumes. Bizzy B of Hollywood and Hollywood Toys and Costumes. Bizzy B of Hollywood is at 6548-50 Hollywood Boulevard and Hollywood Toys and Costumes is at 6600 Hollywood Boulevard. A perfect two stop shop.

First stop Bizzy B of Hollywood. This place, I am a little biased with Bizzy B because I have been shopping there for 7 years. My bias is justified. Nicki Minaj’s stylist shops here, there is a huge celeb clientele including Cee Lo AND she has full costumes for girls AND BOYS.

Yes guys can find a costume here. Which is a miracle!

Bizzy B is perfect for full costumes ranging from $15-$100+ depending on what and how intricate and well made. Some are custom-made by Beatrice herself. See below;

Wonder Woman done right!

What about accessories? Bizzy B does have two accessory walls but if you don’t find it there go down the block…..

This is where Hollywood toys and Costumes comes in. Any and every accessory you have ever imagined from hair blaeach/dye/wigs/props/rhinestones/eyelashes/ball & chain/pitchforks/pom poms/tails/stuff to decorate with, THEY HAVE IT! I recently went in to look for pom pom and they had an entire wall of them. As far as accessories on the cheap, they take the cake.

I suppose you want some information? Need to call ahead and see if they have what you need.

Here’s the addresses and phone numbers;
Bizzy B of Hollywood
Address: 6548 Hollywood Boulevard, Los Angeles, CA 90028
Phone: (323) 469-4309

Hollywood Toys and Costumes
Address: 6600 Hollywood Boulevard, Los Angeles, CA 90028
Phone: (323) 464-4444
Hours:Mon-Sat 10am–7pm, Sun – 10:30am–7pm