Victoria’s Secret; Helping NYC & The National Guard. I <3 The USA

This was too good to pass up on blogging.

Hurricane Sandy has unfortunately, in a very real way, destroyed and crippled much of NYC. As the National Guard has been sent out to save the day, seems they needed saving.

By Victoria’s Secret.

As the 69th Infantry (yes that is a real number)National Guard powered up to save lives Monday, their power went down.

We ❤ the National Guard, 69th Infantry

Not so far away Victoria’s Secret had 8 generators helping them get ready for their infamous bedazzled, sparkling boobies of 2012, fashion show. According to my darlings over at the Wired Magazine;

According to Wired, the troops called up the Victoria’s Secret camp Tuesday morning, and, by 7pm that night, the armory was powered and ready to go.

“We were dead in the water until Victoria’s Secret showed up,” Capt. Brendan Gendron, the Regiment’s operations officer, told Wired.

How about that for saving the world? Thanks to Victoria’s Secret, they had power, warmth, elevators and all around warm fuzzy feelings towards boobies.

According to the Huff Post Online, Victoria’s Secret took their NYC/National Guard love even further,

 Victoria’s Secret came to the rescue yet again. This time, they helped the troops and the Federal Emergency Management Agency by providing a forklift that would be used to efficiently distribute food.

Awww, gosh darnit. Only in the US would boobies save a hurricane ravaged city AND the National Guard with extra power and heavy machinery. That’s too touching.

This is better than a basket full of puppies. I love muh country.

Thanks Vic’s Secret, and the 69th Infantry. We Salute You!

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