Victoria’ Secret Brings the Sexy by Taping VS Fashion Show Tonight #HappyHumpDay

Everyone love’s an Angel. I’m talking about the bootie shaking kind with extra sexy bra’s of course. Everyone like’s THAT kind of Angel.

Thankfully, it is that time of year again. If you can’t make the show in NYC, which tapes tonight, they have plenty of bootie/boobie shaking online and on TV….but NOT until December, 4th 2012!!!

Oh the agony! What can we do until December 4th?
Until then they have contest, Behind the Scene’s and sketches of the show to keep you amused.

For online VS Angel’s ‘Behind the Scene’s’ click here;

If you are like me, and believe TV is the devil (because I have internet which has everything anyway :P) Go online here and catch the show on December 4th.

Until then, Happy Hump Day!

(Thank you again to the VS Angels in Corporate who helped the National Guard in NYC with generators and forklifts, see here;