Anne Hathaway on her Commando Style Slip (#withpictures),”I was devastated”.

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Anne Hathaway made a rather profound statement on the red carpet yesterday by exposing her well-trimmed vag to thousands of reporters and bloggers. For that we thank her.

After her indecent exposure Anne did what any poon revealing princess would do, she freaked out. Then she issued a press release to show remorse. (Britney are you taking notes?)

According to she was overheard Tuesday at a luncheon at the Four Seasons;

“I was getting out of the car and my dress was so tight that I didn’t realize it until I saw all the photographers’ flashes,” she told Vanity Fair writer Ingrid Sischy. “It was devastating. They saw everything. I might as well have lifted up my skirt for them.

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Actually Anne you did lift up your skirt. THAT was the problem. I hope you learned the problem was….NOT wearing panties.

These days Anne’s image is everything as she tackles being a ‘serious actress’. Hopefully she won’t take this snafu too badly and will move on unscathed. After all this mess, she really did wear a fabulous outfit. Making that dress look good is not easy, but she pulled it off in spades.

I think Anne Hathaway is safe as long as she doesn’t start pulling wigs out of her closet.

Want see Anne Hathaway’s Uncensored slip up? Check it out here (18+ ONLY);


4 thoughts on “Anne Hathaway on her Commando Style Slip (#withpictures),”I was devastated”.

  1. one of the celebs vaginas we DONT want to see she is gross looking clothed and now after seeing her wrinklely flabs im so turned off. brits was pretty gross too but anne hathaways was sloppy looking i feel sorry for any dude that hits that hole anne you have made the top 3 in grossest vags ever displayed yuck!


  2. You fucking turd. How dare you? I’m sure your little, shriveled excuse for a penis is sooo exciting to look at.

    At any rate, I’m sick of people blaming women for not wearing panties. It’s fucking bullshit. More misogyny spewage. Women have a right to not wear panties, if they choose. Photogs don’t have to be all up in her business every moment of the day.

    How many of us in the real world would be caught doing some embarrassing things, if only there were people with cameras secretly filming? I know I see people all the time: Picking their nose and popping pimples while driving. Changing clothes behind a parked car door. How many of you have gone to the beach and quickly changed clothes behind the door or in the back seat? I suppose you’d DESERVE it if someone posted secretly-taken pics of you doing this online? Psht.


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