Anonymous to Build Human Shield to Protect Sandy Hook Victims Families


Say what you will about the mysterious rebel hacker group ‘Anonymous’ but NEVER say they don’t care about ‘the people’. Here is why I love them.

It seems nothing is sacred to the Westboro Baptist Church. First they attack Gay Rights by creating Then on their picket schedule they will be the Newton, CT massacre funeral of the Principal Dawn Bogdan. Why? Simply because Connecticut supports gay marriage.

I got this lovely screenshot from their picket schedule on, which BTW made me sick to my stomach;

Westboro Baptist Church Picket Schedule-151858

As the victims families of the horrific Newton, CT shooting which claimed almost 30 lives, try to mourn their loss, it seems that Westboro Baptist Church will be outside picketing AGAIN.

Enter Anonymous.

Anonymous will be standing tall, creating a human wall to barricade the Sandy Hook shooting victims families against the Westboro picketers. They have organized to protect and honor these people. I guess we do have real superheroes. In the past they have also hacked the Westboro Baptist Church twitter. Through research I found out the Government is giving them smack down as well.

Congress passed a bill in August that says,

protesters must be at least 300 feet from military funerals from two hours before they start until two hours after they end

That’s YOU Westboro. This was specifically drafted because of their protests at funerals. Hate like this, will not be tolerated.

Westboro Baptist Church. I hope Anonymous not only stops you, but takes you down. You’ve just made a powerful enemies with Government, Anonymous and ME, the press.

My heart goes out to the families of the shooting. May they mourn in peace.