Lindsay Lohan Available for Weddings/Bar Mitzvahs?! #YourEvent #hellno









My favorite poster girl for AA has become a commodity and is selling her soul…I mean herself….I mean is AVAILABLE for weddings and bar mitzvahs.

According to new news surfacing on the her management,, says she available for your party now!

Check out this screenshot;


Who knew Lindsay is a fashion designer and recording artist. I thought she was Miss body shots 2012. I have much to learn about our redheaded friend. I would think Lindsay at a wedding would be an awesome ear bleeding wedding singer. Maybe she could recite Hebrew at your Bar mitzvah wearing a prison issued yarmulke. Garsh that sounds like fun.

I guess with a huge debt to the IRS and a storage locker full of stuff she hasn’t paid for she NEEDS the money. Oh that, and her 12 packs a day cigarette habit she washes down with booze and meth.

Will you be booking Lilo for your next event? Yeah, I didn’t think so.