Tyler Perry Gave Kim Kardashian a J-O-B. World Ends.


As we all rest well tonight on the lovely Christmas eve at least one person tonight will have nightmares, and it will be me. Let me explain.

People suffer through a special kind of hell everyday. Often it’s brought on by simple things. Bad Dressers, Bad make up the MAC girl sold you, Cholas with sharpie eyebrows, PR girls on their blackberrys, the party guy who won’t stop talking about himself, having to stare at Anne Hathaway’s landing strip, long waits for the bathroom in the mall, mysterious fan boys/girls who won’t stop IM’ing you. All these things make us irritable. Ok, ME irritable.

This time the annoyance is bigger than you or I. In fact it’s so big, it’s the size of Kim Kardashian’s booty! And Kim Kardashian is attached to it.


In fact if this were all about making fun of Kim’s booty I would not be the least bit annoyed. But instead it’s about a Tyler Perry movie. And Kim Kardashian is in it. And it looks REALLY, REALLY bad. And Kim’s in it.

Below is the trailer to torture your retinas with.

Ask yourself do you really want to watch this?

Uhhhh I dunno

First because it’s Tyler Perry and second cause it’s got Kim reading lines off cue cards in it. Frankly it looks like a Hallmark/Lifetime movie of the hour.

T-R-Y and enjoy. Or laugh really hard like I did. (Oh and Merry Christmas Eve kittens! Happy Holidays!!)