Brad and Angelina expecting 7th Superior Child of Ethereal Grace & Genetic Dominance? #Rumors #Really?














Oh Brad and Angie, stop looking so smug. We know your secret now.

Rumor around the evil Hollywood entertainment mill is that Brad & Angie, the holy couple of all, are having a 7TH BABY. Yes that’s right. A 7th one. Why? Because they can.
Although rumors in Hollywood are generally created by crafty PR people I have to say this one is too good not think it’s real. With Angie’s Mia Farrow complex and Brad Pitt’s superior everything why wouldn’t they be having another child.

According to a ‘source’, ““Angelina has been staying out of the public eye because she doesn’t want to let anyone know that she’s expecting … She had morning sickness and didn’t want to draw attention to herself in public.”

Where do they find these ‘sources’? I must have one! They are so…so convenient.

Chances are there are baby rumors because they have a life and did not show up to award season. This usually creates gossip about pregnancy. However if they the morning sickness rumors are true Angie’s about 3 months pregnant.

Even if Brad’s Chanel ads were a failure, he sure seems to be good at one thing.

Brad and Ang, I wish you well with your rumor baby! Here’s hoping it’s happy and healthy. If it exists.