Progress on the Fashion Front – Vogue Thailand Hires it’s First Male Editor-in-Chief

Vogue. Addiction. The bible. However you want to label it, it’s name alone comes with a hefty reputation.

I am pleased to see that Vogue Thailand is living up to that rep, by hiring the first male Editor-in-Chief, Kullawit Laosuksri. First male editor for Vogue, ever. In the world.


Starting things off with a bang Kullawit decided commission Phillip Treacy, extraordinary haberdasher to the fashion elite (oh and the Gaga) to help him with the cover. According to Nation’s interview with the pint-sized super editor;

For the Thai edition, we also want to present Thai women’s cheerful attitude and lifestyle. For the first issue we wanted a chada [the traditional tall coronet], which is internationally recognised and has a sophisticated design. We searched the archives of the master of the craft, Chakrabhan Posayakrit, and then asked Phillip Treacy, a world-renowned maker of headdresses, to create a chada we could display on our cover.















Bravo! excellent start. Unfortunately Thai Vogue is working with the smallest budget out of all the Vogue magazine’s in the world. If this is what Vogue Thai is starting at the gate with I may have to pick up an issue to support. I do have faith that the smallest are the fiercest and can make something out of nothing. Cough…I speak from experience.

Here is hoping that Kullawit is knowledgeable and ambidextrous as an editor. Also that there are some damn good advertisers. Vogue lives off that money!