Rihanna is Sucking My Will to Live – New Video Unedited ‘Stay’ w Mikky Ekko #Rihanna #Tub #Stay #Snooze


Look. It’s Rihanna. In a tub. Not doing anything. Still not doing anything. Look it’s Rihanna’s tattoo. Look its—zzzzzz.

Yes we have the new unedited version of Rihanna’s ‘Stay’ With Mikky Ekko. Rihanna is usually mad talented so I thought I would watch it. I even thought hey Michael K. over at Dlisted might just be a little bitchy when it comes to this. Nope.  I have to say after the first 15 seconds I started closing my eyes and letting my head fall to one side. Let’s just say ballads are not Riri’s strong point. And the video? It really is….something.

Check it below.