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Happy Halloween from HeathyrWolfe.com

Well it’s that time of year again where girls get to dress like sluts, boys wear their ridiculous sense of humor and everyone finds a reason to go get candy (trick or treating) or get adult candy (booze and unmentionables). Yes it’s October and time to unleash your inner crazy without getting arrested.

I have been mad busy with LAFW, which brought more work. This means I am furiously typing up future write ups. But all work and no play is really, really bad. This work thing will not stop me from going out of course. Annnnd it’s supposed to rain tonight but seeing as this is my FAVORITE holiday, rain be damned…..LET’S GO FORTH AND FROLIC!

To all my friends in fans in the US and rest of the world,



Bizzy B of Hollywood, How Sexy Can You Get?

If you have never been to Bizzy B of Hollywood I am letting you in on an adult secret. It is clean, well-lit, has a chandelier on the ceiling and is the most comfortable dancewear/adult oriented store I have ever shopped in.

Her prices are competitive and Beatrice, the owner has worked with celebrities galore! Check out the walls when you come in.

There is an amazing array of lingerie and dancewear for the discriminating girlfriend, hardcore bitch, stripper, gogo dancer, drag queen and just good old fashion girly girls.

Al lot of the clothing you see above is all designed and made by Beatrice herself. She has made custom outfits for a ton of celebs and can fi any figure, shape or size. Just ask. It’s worth every penny.

Bizzy B also carries masks, costuming, a HUGE line of fishnets and hose, pasties and tons of Jewelry.

Oh, you are hardcore, goth, fetishista and or into the BDSM scene? There is a whole store to fit your needs. Just in time for Bondage Ball.

For the Girls
-And Boys Town

What are you waiting for? A public invite. Get your cute ass down to Bizzy B, catch yourself a porn star, do some legit lingerie/dancewear shopping and then sneak into the fetish side and get your dirty on.

You don’t need to be brave, just smart.