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Adolfo Sanchez SS 2013 Lookbook Available Now!

Vendors and fashionista’s it is now your time to pre-order and or drool copiously. I bring you the SS 2013 collection lookbook from Adolfo Sanchez Fashion titled, ‘A Rose in the Jungle”.

I adore the Deep V dress ‘Rilli Nutri’. Being tiny I cannot say no to a deep V. The ‘Amori Coral’ jacket is perfect with everything from jeans to your flashiest LBD. It includes a vibrant coral color and a classic style so you aren’t over dressed, but well-dressed.

As always Adolfo Sanchez remains a favorite for unique designs and courageous fashion that leaps off the runway and digital page.

Feast your eyes;

Where to get your Fall Fur Freak on, Fall/Winter 2012 from Idra Alta Moda #Lookbook

As August set’s in, it is time to start shopping for your fabulous and very luxe wardrobe. As I spoke of before fur covered everything is all the rage and DKNY has already released its first set of ‘hair’ inspired accessories. Add ‘Apocalypse Now’ weather in New York City and winter is looking extra tough.

The question raises well-groomed eyebrows everywhere. What to do, and where to shop?

Idra Alta Moda darling!

I know I have sung their praises before. Now that I have met and spoken with the owner, Jessica Soifer, I am in LOVE. This company devastates me, along with their jackets, capes, ear muffs, etc.

Feeling the need for classy, sexy, furry? You can even shop for your hunny with their MENSWEAR LINE (gasp)! Check out their Fall/Winter 2012 lookbook;


Like what you see? So do I!

I am literally ‘In Love’. That last jacket WILL be mine.

I love these. All these looks are classically inspired and can be worn with anything. A night at the Met or heading out to get drunk with drag queens.

For a truly metropolitan and/or continental look these sleek jackets are perfect for LA/NY/Paris. Too sleek and sexy for words is the well named, ‘Collezione’ by Idra Alta Moda.

I am terribly sorry if the gorgeous, fabulous and well-dressed men are feeling left out. I haven’t been blogging men’s fashion. Thank goodness for small and well thought out fashion collections, Idra Alta Moda has you covered.

For the man who dresses better than I do.

Last but hardly least Idra Alta Moda do custom wear as well as accessories.What about this fierce purse?! I am adding this to my collection for winter.

Idra Alta Moda is indeed a collection to watch and covet.

They are taking over the Fall/Winter 2012 fashion fur/leather scene. If you have met the owner, possibly the world. (Word is she is secretly in cahoots with Adolfo Sanchez in LA and a Russian designer who makes out-of-this-world clothing. More on that later)

Follow them on Twitter at @IdraAltaModa and owner @Ima_Soifer


Just shop their website at http://www.IdraAltaModa.com

What are you waiting. If you live in New York you could be pelted with hail or a blizzard in 3…2…1

Get Fashionable!

Adolfo Sanchez FW 2012 lookbook, casual, comfortable and dead sexy

I love following new and unique brands and emerging designers. There is something fascinating watching the mutation of clothing and the shapes and style it takes as a designer becomes more knowledgeable and climbs higher in the industry.

I have been watching the Adolfo Sanchez line since around 2009-2010. Since then he has surpassed his peers and is conquering the competition. He has gone for the a small shop and design studio to a showroom, shows in Paris, New York and brought great fashion back to LA.

I am blessed to know such immeasurable talent and he has just sent me his uber gorgeous Lookbook for his new FW 2012 collection.

Here are some of my favorites

Below is the full LookBook.

AW12 Model Look Book

Enjoy, salivate and make an appointment at:

312 W 5th Street #423