Happy Birthday Johnny Depp You Sexy Twisted Gemini (and my Dad too! He just rocks)

Today is a day of much elation. There will be gay pirates swilling beer, angsty artists donning their wide-brimmed hats and screaming girls just…screaming.

Today is Johnny Depp’s Birthday!

Groupies rejoice!

Johnny Depp turns an amazing and sexy, 49 years old. And I still would sleep with him. Just goes to prove, it’s not the age but the sexy. Johnny Depp carries so much sexy in his little finger he could make a million groupies swoon. Even better he is known to visit Hellyweird occasionally. Something tell’s me he may be with his gorgeous wifey Vanessa Paradis in France, with his kids.

Yup the Depp is a sexy Dad too!

We salute you Johnny Depp. The Burtonite’s, the Depp-ite Screamers, the Pirates & the Wonka’s of Mann’s Chinese and everyone who dresses up as Edward Scissorhands on Halloween.

Sigh…you sir, are #tehsex. Happy Birthday Johnny Depp.


Addendum. I know it’s a lot of other uber cool Gemini’s Birthday today. Most importantly my Dad’s bday. Please stop by his Facebook and either send him a Happy Birthday Message or Post on his Wall. Let’s spoil him too!

My Dad, Robin Wolfe, Happy Birthday Daddio!

And his Facebook https://www.facebook.com/robin.wolfe