Video is the new Catwalk. Presenting Dior and Gucci’s Newest.

We all know Karl Lagerfeld is a genius. He is indeed breaking boundaries in both Fashion AND Marketing.

The first designer ever to use short films/video as a marketing tool in a major fashion house. Not just video but literal short films. He tells stories and make you forget, for just one minute, hot models dressed in head to toe Dior are selling you a product.

Here is his latest triumph, a music video, found in the pages of my Vanity Fair, ‘Secret Garden-Versailles’.

These movies are ethereal, surreal and unique. Unkle Karl is not just a genius, but a mad genius.

Gucci has followed suit with a new style of bringing the runway out of the pages of Vogue, W Mag, Bazaar as well. A brilliant move, this SS 2012, they too presented a multi-media concept with their ‘Gucci Guilty’ campaign. Although it’s brought in more of a traditional advert format they brought one thing Dior Doesn’t have to the table. Chris Evan’s.


Who is next to follow suit? Whoever it is I think they are smarter than the average multi-million dollar fashion house.

For style and giggles, Here is ‘The tale of a Fairy’, by Karl Lagerfeld with Freja Beja.

Pt. 1

Pt. 2

Happy Sunday, Enjoy!