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New Look at HeathyrWolfe.com! #New #Custom #Update #Fancy


Oh yes! Hello my sexy kittens. With my fabulous birthday passing (May 24th) I decided it was time for a long overdue update to my site. What you see here is a new format with fabulous, easy to ready fonts, pages, my styling port and more. I will be constantly undergoing construction because I am a total nerd girl and love updating techy things.

Soon there will be more media, videos, photos and blog posts than you can shake your iPhone at.

Much love and feedback is always welcome, though rarely taken seriously.

Happy reading,

Heathyr Wolfe

Cara Delevigne for W Magazine. Poses Topless for ‘Style Rebel’. #InDepth #Realness #Nude


Cara Delevigne is one of the most sought after models in the industry right now.

With her 21st birthday coming on the 21st Cara talks with W magazine about modeling, dreams, her family and just plain Cara (think awkward confessional). She sheds some truthful light on who she is in this beautiful pictorial by W magazine. All eyebrows and awkwardness Cara Delevigne is embracing her inner uncool fool. With her insane Instagram that rivals most and love for drums Cara gets raw. Exposing herself to be simple, creative, extroverted, adventurous (sometimes too an extreme) and sometimes just down right lewd. Cara bares all in this gorgeous 15 picture editorial.

Check out the full article here;

W Magazine ‘Style Rebel’ Article

A Quasi Post Since it’s My Birthday!! #Fashion #Images #BirthdayPost #NSFW

Since it’s my birthday I fully reserve the right to not blog. BUT because I love you guys and could not do this without you I am going to leave you with some of my favorite fashion images. Enjoy and Happy Birthday to me!!

DSC_9730Adj_1000 (1)











Some images are very not safe for work!

Marc Jacobs Hits 50 with a ‘BANG’! #Abs #Fragrance #PourHomme #BirthdayBoy

Marc Jacobs is sitting pretty in his 50th year, celebrating his birthday this year, which is April 9th), by releasing his new fragrance pour homme, “BANG”. The title says it all.


Sitting pretty is right.

Over the years Marc Jacobs has given us fashion, fosse (90’s), fatty(mid 2000’s) and now ripped to the gills and fabulous 50.

With the release of Bang, Marc decided to show of his gorgeous sculpted body in his new fragrance ad. He also recently began tweeting pics of himself on twitter and instagram, looking too fit for words. What does this mean? It means Marc isn’t slowing down but plans on wearing more man kilts, lace dresses and showing us what he is made of a la Karl Lagerfeld. Who says age is a drawback? It’s looking mighty fine to me.

Congrats Marc Jacobs on your super fine fifty years. We’re looking forward to you clothing, scents and more spectacular instagram’s.

Happy Birthday you Beautiful baby!


Happy Monday and Happy Birthday Anne Hathaway!!

Here’s one to make you feel old. Our darling dear girl, Anne Hathaway, from The Princess Diaries has turned 30 today!!










Way to go Anne hunny! You still look devastating.

Hopefully she will continue to stretch her acting & modeling wings before the industry labels her too old. After all 30 is the new 20 something. But in Hollywood it’s the new 50.
Happy Birthday Anne Hathaway. Go prove Hollywood wrong and knock ’em dead!

Happy Birthday to Buckaroo Jeff Goldblum!

-Jeff Goldblum as ‘The Fly’
Jeff Goldblum is 60 today?! Yup, sixty years old. And the disturbing part? Still hot.

Yes our rebel, gun-toting cowboy from Buckaroo Banzai is still rocking the hot at 60 years old. Not only that but he is still a WORKING actor. Talented, a gray fox, working on Glee with two movies in pre-Production AND has his own jazz band. Having seen him I can say unlike a lot of failed artists, he has talent. I know he is also an excellent pianist. I SAID pianist (gutter brain much?).

So a HUGE Happy Birthday to Jeff Golblum. From one Jew to another, Mazel Tov! We’re glad he’s still around, looks fab and at 60, is still romancing the ladies.

Work it Out Gray Fox!

Happy Birthday Johnny Depp You Sexy Twisted Gemini (and my Dad too! He just rocks)

Today is a day of much elation. There will be gay pirates swilling beer, angsty artists donning their wide-brimmed hats and screaming girls just…screaming.

Today is Johnny Depp’s Birthday!

Groupies rejoice!

Johnny Depp turns an amazing and sexy, 49 years old. And I still would sleep with him. Just goes to prove, it’s not the age but the sexy. Johnny Depp carries so much sexy in his little finger he could make a million groupies swoon. Even better he is known to visit Hellyweird occasionally. Something tell’s me he may be with his gorgeous wifey Vanessa Paradis in France, with his kids.

Yup the Depp is a sexy Dad too!

We salute you Johnny Depp. The Burtonite’s, the Depp-ite Screamers, the Pirates & the Wonka’s of Mann’s Chinese and everyone who dresses up as Edward Scissorhands on Halloween.

Sigh…you sir, are #tehsex. Happy Birthday Johnny Depp.


Addendum. I know it’s a lot of other uber cool Gemini’s Birthday today. Most importantly my Dad’s bday. Please stop by his Facebook and either send him a Happy Birthday Message or Post on his Wall. Let’s spoil him too!

My Dad, Robin Wolfe, Happy Birthday Daddio!

And his Facebook https://www.facebook.com/robin.wolfe

Happy Birthday to Me and Birthday Bash Details

Today is my birthday loves and this little redhead is taking a day off. Today I will be taking it easy, loving myself (no, not that way) and doing what ever I can dream up on a ridiculous budget.

Tonight however I will be rocking out with my lady bits and of course friends, family, and fans. Here are the details:

Heathyr’s Birthday at  Bar Marmont, 8171 West Sunset Boulevard, Los Angeles, CA 90046

Starts at approx. 10:30pm

It’s my birthday on May 24th because….well we all have one. Dress code is nice, casual and not better than me. Everyone’s invited, I am making this a secret VIP freaks and geeks nite at Bar Marmont. I want the fashionistas/os, the pretty people, the weirdos, the stompy stomps, the artist noirs, models and porn stars to come out. I don’t care what you are, just come get me drunk and act fabulous.
Now you have details, time place and yes it’s 21+. Come as you are or come naked (they probably won’t let you in if you do). Hell, come buy me a drink!
I’m off to make things happen. Back tomorrow, internet willing.

Birthday Bitch….thankyouverymuch

Well it seem’s I have to share my birthday week with the one bitch who brings ‘psycho sexy’ to the Gemini name. Yes, it’s Naomi Campbell’s birthday today.

At the age of 42 Naomi has earned entitlement and an amazing reputation. She has shot with some of the top photographers in the world such as Testino, Peter Lindbergh, Herb Ritts and Bruce Weber. She has walked the runway for  Gianni VersaceAzzedine Alaïa, and Isaac Mizrahi. She was on the cover of British Elle at just 16 years old.

Naomi has also earned the nicknames like ‘psycho’ and ‘that bitch’ by accosting an assistant with her phone, temporarily blinded her maid, hit a driver, a paparazzi’s camera and a front desk clerk with the hotel’s phone.

(shot by Testino, Naomi wearing Versace Atelier)

After countless bitch fits, magazine covers, violent outbursts, couture outfits, runway shows, videos and a very solid ‘thankyouverymuch’ when asked about a nasty little blood diamond she possesses, Naomi Campbell is a diva extraordinaire, who we love to hate and wish we were.

Happy birthday to my favorite diva bitch who has rocked the runway’s since 1986. We love you! Psycho sexy indeed.