Goat Hair is the New Black, #ShoeSunday

It’s mid-way through summer and FW 2012/2013 is upon us. Fashion moves fast and even though I have only used my bikini once I’m already looking at my new winter wardrobe want’s.

It was my Twitter (shameless plug:follow me @HeathyrWolfe) that keyed me in to my new fashion fetish. Goat hair accessories.

Above is the Marni goat hair bag. Cute but a little plain.

I think it’s better to accessorize with something like this.

Jimmy Choo’s version;

Raaaaawwwr. Purr. Yes please.

And for a little flair in the shoe department, because no man or woman is complete without good shoe. I offer you the Yves Saint Laurent ‘Mohawk’ shoe.

or in blue

Oh sure, scream at me for being not PC. Peta has probably blacklisted me from any of their functions at this point. I know it’s from a cute(?) furry critter, but you know you secretly yearn for it too.

Consider the trend won’t you? I think we need more of this for fall and less of this.

(This is ACTUALLY Christian Lacroix)

Dontcha think?

Send in any new fall fetishes to Heathyrw@gmail.com and I might just blog ’em.