Vogue Russia Needs a New Photoshop Artist

Oh Vogue Russia, I understand we are imperfect people living in an imperfect world. Often we have bad days, or even botched photo spreads, but this….well there are no words.

Devastating model, gorgeous dress, sexy pose, blingy jewelry….and a disembodied hand.

NYET! Say it isn’t so. I can see how one might pose oddly and crop out and over extended arm but this is inexcusable. Where the heck is her freeking arm? Did it take a sick day? Is it on another page? Is she missing and arm and has a very unique and pretty manicured hand growing out of her head? No.

Vogue Russia just killed there August 2012 issue. As the number one producer of hot runway girls this is unacceptable. I hope they fire who ever did this. Vogue Russia, get it together. You are too good for this.

Even your pretty letters won’t fool us this time. Bring back the arm! Vogue standards demand it.


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