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Vogue Brasils ‘Josephine’ brings sexy colors to this month’s issue!


I like to see diversity in fashion. More than anything, I like to see expressive artist/designers bringing  a little crazy. This months ‘Josephine’ editorial is just that. It’s it’s got a whole lotta va-va-voom and some serious, cha-cha.

My favorite part? FIERCE COLOR!!! It’s summer and we all want to bring the color out of the closet, and get inspired. This vivid imagery and emotion made me feel THAT INTENSITY. I must say, this is the beginning of a love affair. A love affair with Vogue Brasil.




Kim Kardashian for Vogue Brazil Daily #VogueBrazil #KimKardashian #BlondAmbition

I am tired of a world where we are forcibly immersed in the world of the Kardashians. It’s boring and plastic and full of shameless selfies, and photo-shopped body parts. However every once in a while a photographer actually comes along and makes Kim look beautiful. Classic even. Which is what Vogue Brazil and Ellen Von Unwerth did in these shots of her.


Kim’s cover for Vogue Brazil shot by the tremendously talented Ellen Von Unwerth, speaks to me in classic volumes of simple beauty.


Reminiscent of the 70s, these photos are shot in more natural light then studio HMI’s (both were necessary), in such a way that Kim looks almost passable as a model, and less like a plasticine princess. Ellen cast her in a light that creates her looking like a late Monroe and 70’s pin-up porn girl. Simple elegance mixed with a dash of homegrown smut.


Congratulations Ellen von Unwerth. Your talent shined in this editorial.

Oh and Kim looks nice too.

Naomi Campbell on ‘Kimye’ Cover & Editorial Video for Vogue #NoThankYouVeryMuch #EndlessLaughing


As the fashion world reels to the news the the ever relevant irrelevant ‘Kimye’ has taken over the Vogue cover, Naomi Campbell has spoken out. Or perhaps pulled the most epic LOL on the face of the planet. Normally I think she is stone cold B*tch, which can be great in fashion and modeling. No, really. However this time I want to hug that frozen goddess and thank her. Her rebuttal to the nasty made everyone smile. Possibly even Anna Wintour.

Check out the video below.

Miley Cyrus Topless in Vogue Germany #Miley #Again #MarioTestino

First it was the ‘Wrecking Ball’ naked video, then the twerking mess with poor Robin Thicke. We’ve seen Miley fall from grace, and head the way of slut like Lady Gaga with Terry Richardson’s ‘front thong’ pictures. However, there is hope!

Enter Mario Testino.

Mario Testino is a genius. Covering and photographing some of the most amazing artists, actors and supermodel’s in the world he is a constant beacon of artistic creation. In his photo set for Vogue Germany he has taken Miley ‘the tongue’ Cyrus and has transformed her into not only a lady, but icon Marilyn Monroe.

MileyVGcover1 MileyVGcover2

Although she did go topless for her shoot, Mario Testino made her look elegant and very much not like a 20 year old with something to prove. Mario Testino has certainly won this round with lil’ miss #Bangerz. Miley looks beautiful and elegant. She even looks happy without slutting it up and sticking out her tongue? Can we hope for more of this?


The saga of Cyrus continues with W Mag’s Topless shoot with the creative mind’s of Mert & Marcus.

In the meantime follow this link to see the topless picture of Cyrus;


Cara Delivigne Rocks the Punk. Vogue:Punk Stories #Hardcore #Punk #Fashion


If David Guetta didn’t wake you up with his pop house weirdness this morning maybe I can kick your little fashion ass into gear with this video. Put together by the lovely people at Vogue, Cara Delivigne (supermodel of the moment) rocks out in this Punk Stories video by Quentin Jones of Cadence (New York).

It’s a non-stop fashion blast. Grab your nearest Vivienne Westwood/Malcolm McLaren t-shirt, and turn up the volume for a perfect punk Vogue story.

Progress on the Fashion Front – Vogue Thailand Hires it’s First Male Editor-in-Chief

Vogue. Addiction. The bible. However you want to label it, it’s name alone comes with a hefty reputation.

I am pleased to see that Vogue Thailand is living up to that rep, by hiring the first male Editor-in-Chief, Kullawit Laosuksri. First male editor for Vogue, ever. In the world.


Starting things off with a bang Kullawit decided commission Phillip Treacy, extraordinary haberdasher to the fashion elite (oh and the Gaga) to help him with the cover. According to Nation’s interview with the pint-sized super editor;

For the Thai edition, we also want to present Thai women’s cheerful attitude and lifestyle. For the first issue we wanted a chada [the traditional tall coronet], which is internationally recognised and has a sophisticated design. We searched the archives of the master of the craft, Chakrabhan Posayakrit, and then asked Phillip Treacy, a world-renowned maker of headdresses, to create a chada we could display on our cover.















Bravo! excellent start. Unfortunately Thai Vogue is working with the smallest budget out of all the Vogue magazine’s in the world. If this is what Vogue Thai is starting at the gate with I may have to pick up an issue to support. I do have faith that the smallest are the fiercest and can make something out of nothing. Cough…I speak from experience.

Here is hoping that Kullawit is knowledgeable and ambidextrous as an editor. Also that there are some damn good advertisers. Vogue lives off that money!

Vogue Russia Needs a New Photoshop Artist

Oh Vogue Russia, I understand we are imperfect people living in an imperfect world. Often we have bad days, or even botched photo spreads, but this….well there are no words.

Devastating model, gorgeous dress, sexy pose, blingy jewelry….and a disembodied hand.

NYET! Say it isn’t so. I can see how one might pose oddly and crop out and over extended arm but this is inexcusable. Where the heck is her freeking arm? Did it take a sick day? Is it on another page? Is she missing and arm and has a very unique and pretty manicured hand growing out of her head? No.

Vogue Russia just killed there August 2012 issue. As the number one producer of hot runway girls this is unacceptable. I hope they fire who ever did this. Vogue Russia, get it together. You are too good for this.

Even your pretty letters won’t fool us this time. Bring back the arm! Vogue standards demand it.