Lindsay Lohan Needs a Bra and Shops, etc.

Look at this. What does it remind you of?


Nope it isn’t a circus freekshow performer (they have class), but it is lovely Lindsay Lohan and her boobies swaying in the wind.

Check it;


Yup. It’s our ever lovely ginge LiLo shopping in Venice wearing not-a-bra.

I feel like I am looking at someones auntie from a backwards po-dunk town with fake Chanel knock off glasses sucking on her chick stick, with way to much side boob showing. Or maybe a long-lost relative of Kim “Tardy for the Party” Zolciak.

Either way Lindsay tried to balance it out by bringing a slightly curvier than her friend, with her. This too was a FAIL because she rocked her flower dress, scarf and chick stick, making LiLo look trashier.

When will Lindsay learn? Looking like your drank a 40 and sucked down a carton of Pall Mall’s isn’t pretty. I’m wondering why her friend isn’t helping her get her cute on.

In the meantime this discerning fashionista asks only one thing. Lindsay please head straight to Agent Provocateur and go binge on lingerie like you do on drugs and alcohol. If you are going to be spending money you don’t have, make it count baby!