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It’s a Jolly old time to shop for gifts. DO’s and Don’ts for Buying for you special someone.

(This was an article I wrote for someone else. but was never published.

I do hope you enjoy my gift guide)


It’s the Holidays! Trying to find a gift for your significant other today is extremely difficult. Gift guides are everywhere. There is a great deal information out there and what to buy for your significant other, it becomes a ‘job’. According to figures derived from a national survey completed by the HuffPost, the average couple spend up to $300 on their partner.  Here are 3 tips for taking a daunting project, and making it easy to do;


  1. Make it from the heart. Always think about the person first. It’s not about what they need, it’s about who they are. Don’t buy an impersonal gift.


  1. Customized gifts for your significant other makes people happy. Every girl loves jewelry. Or get a customized watch or cufflinks for him. If you are married get your rings engraved to commemorate a special moment you shared.


  1. Experiences mean more to people than things often do. Want to really surprise your love? Get tickets to Paris. Go hot air ballooning in Napa. Or just go simple and local. A 15 minute  romantic walk alone with your hunny during the holidays madness. An experience,  like no other,  means you love them AND want to spend time with them.

There are lots of right gifts to buy for your special someone, but what about the wrong? This leaves the problem of finding what you want.

Stay away from boring basics.  Instead, put a gift card from her favorite store under the tree with card telling her you will take her shopping. Perfume and lingerie bought by you for her can be difficult to get right. Why not, make her own custom perfume at a perfumery. Ask the sales girl for help to get it just right. If you want to get lingerie, don’t go low end. Try La Perla or Cosabella for great lingerie that fits. It’s available online, and I promise you won’t be disappointed.

For him, tie’s, socks and tools are a huge no-no. There are better ways to say, “I love you”. In today’s market, boys want toys.  If you are unsure what to buy him, try nice clothing. A custom tailoring appointment for your favorite business man, buying him custom jeans, even shoes.  Men in the U.S. spent $26.2 billion on footwear in 2016, an increase of $2.4 billion since 2014, the Boston Globe reported. There is a serious market for shoe’s and it’s the one thing you know he will he love. Often the best policy is to ask what they want. They may just answer you.

The best holiday gift you can give your significant other?  Listen to what they say, what makes them truly happy and seeing them smile.


DKNY Beverly Hills Trunk Show #Today #Fashion #DonnaKaran

After lot’s of coughing, Nyquil and a million vitamins I have beat H1N1. Just in time too. NYFW invites are coming in, shows are lining up for LAFW and I need to get back to business in a big way.

SO here’s the deet’s for today’s too fab fashion event in LA.

In Beverly Hills (of course) DKNY is having a trunk show at the ever lovely shopping hot spot, Neiman Marcus of Beverly Hills. It’s going all day until 5pm PST so if you have car, and will travel, travel here;


Not only do you get to shop the new SS 2014 line but you can meet someone amazing who makes it happen FROM DKNY, the amazing Shirley Warren. This is a great chance to hob nob, network, shop and later do the rodeo drive luncheon.

So what are you waiting for? A formal invite. You have one! No go!

It’s Time for Runway Recaps. Fall 2012/2013 Collection by Herve Leger.

As New York Fashion Week is almost upon us and Fall is nipping at our heels, it is time to look at what the runways brought us and what trends to follow and wear.

Whether deliciously conservative or madly daring, Herve Leger is a fashion design god that makes clothing for every woman. His creativity is endless and designs every  mutating and changing leaving knock offs to the obvious fakers. Those who read (and write) this blog know not to crumble and buy anything but the real deal.

I present you with an entire gallery of nothing but….Herve Leger’s 2012 Fall Collection for the ethereal goddess in you.

These last three pieces in his collection were too stunning not to share. Look’s like monsieur Leger is spreading his fashion wings.

The shape and length make this an evening gown worthy of a night at the Met.

This white gown however broke me, too beautiful for words

This however I love and is totally wearable with everything. I never thought I would say I loved a fringed leather jacket but this inspires and delights me.

Want to shop the collection?

Unfortunately it is only available for pre-order but you can still buy what you want and get a fab gift in the mail when they hit the market by going here;


Happy shopping my fashionable dears.

Lindsay Lohan Needs a Bra and Shops, etc.

Look at this. What does it remind you of?


Nope it isn’t a circus freekshow performer (they have class), but it is lovely Lindsay Lohan and her boobies swaying in the wind.

Check it;


Yup. It’s our ever lovely ginge LiLo shopping in Venice wearing not-a-bra.

I feel like I am looking at someones auntie from a backwards po-dunk town with fake Chanel knock off glasses sucking on her chick stick, with way to much side boob showing. Or maybe a long-lost relative of Kim “Tardy for the Party” Zolciak.

Either way Lindsay tried to balance it out by bringing a slightly curvier than her friend, with her. This too was a FAIL because she rocked her flower dress, scarf and chick stick, making LiLo look trashier.

When will Lindsay learn? Looking like your drank a 40 and sucked down a carton of Pall Mall’s isn’t pretty. I’m wondering why her friend isn’t helping her get her cute on.

In the meantime this discerning fashionista asks only one thing. Lindsay please head straight to Agent Provocateur and go binge on lingerie like you do on drugs and alcohol. If you are going to be spending money you don’t have, make it count baby!

Shopping in the Hampton’s with Adolfo Sanchez Design & Idra Alta Moda, July 20-21st!

Everyone one know ‘The Hampton’s’ are THE premiere spot for vacationing and being fabulous on the East Coast during summer. It’s a must have on your list of places to stay.

Don’t have a house there, get a time share. Don’t have a time share? Go for a day trip and act like you do. Can’t act that bourgeois, run for your life. A very well dressed lynch mob is coming for you with pitchforks by Eddie Bauer.

Besides elegant dinner parties, walks on the beach and enjoying a relaxing spot what else is there to do. Well, hunny when the rich get bored, they go shopping.

Luckily we are bringing you a little International talent in the design department with Adolfo Sanchez Designs;


AND Idra Alta Moda (one of NY’s top furriers);









They are being presented by a great cause, The Risa Pulver Project.


I ADORE ethical shopping. It always feel’s better knowing I am supporting a good cause. Also featured are vendors Glen Arthur and Love and Luck Jewelry.

From Pret-A-Porter to cute and kitsch, there will be something for everyone. Grab your nearest and dearest Diva and go down and experience the beauty first hand.

What you are going to miss this? No problem. Check out more Adolfo Sanchez Designs here;

Their Facebook business page


or the main website for shopping (thank god for mail order)


Interested in looking fashion forward for Fall? Find Idra Alta Moda and their 2012 collection HERE;


or their Facebook


Happy Shopping!