Fashion Night Out, Beverly Hills – Thanks to Runway Magazine!

I know I have been missing and you have missed me and this blog terribly. I had a fever flu. It makes you weak, ridiculous, grumpy, whiny and just plain a mess. You should be glad I wasn’t writing. It would have been a delusional mess, and I would have sounded something like Perez Hilton.

Back to Business.

Last Wednesday I was a lucky little monster. I was invited and CONFIRMED for #FNO in Beverly Hills presented by Beverly Hills Porsche and Wella Professionals. HUGE thanks to Runway Magazine for the invite.

Thank god for Advil Cold & Sinus. It is my secret weapon when doing business and ill. I use it so much they should sponsor me.

Outside was packed, professional and the list was so tight there was no room for anyone to fake VIP entry. Well done BH #FNO. Mikey Koffman of LA Fashion Weekend was hands on which was refreshing to see after the last LA Fashion Weekend fiasco. Nice to see her working with everyone and playing super nice.

(A little industry inside info. At one of her LA Fashion Weekend Koffman had the balls to piss off every photo agency and professional fashion photographer in LA. Mikey did not let them know until they arrived and that they would be forced to sign a waiver giving her possession of all photos. This is not only bad form but bad publicity. Anyone photog under contract with say ‘Getty Images/Splash News/AP Images’, has a contract that states they need permission to photograph said event and ALL photos got to ‘Getty/Splash/AP’ UNDER CONTRACT OF LAW of that event. It created a boycott that she is still on the mend from.)

Inside the line led to….the bar! If you ever go to a VIP event this will always be the most packed area. DO NOT approach if you are claustrophobic.

Crowd in line for bar
Breathing Room?
I made it!

I decided to check out the vendors. I love beauty and hair products. This has to be the only times I have ever regretted not having longer hair. West Hollywood salon ‘Nine Zero One‘ was doing a braid bar. ENVY!!

The stylists were incredibly nice and convinced me to come by and check out their salon since they are in the WeHo neighborhood. I talked with the girls at Wella, Napoleon Makeup Academy and of course spoke with a cute male rep for Glowglam facial masque. Everyone was on their game and I got to sample some amazing products.

Networking through the crowd I met Steven Escobar, Editor-in-Chief of Diversity News (my BFF for the evening)

Roger Tinsley aka Danger Man, I ran into an actor friend of mine Michael, a fabulous tranny

-A little too much vodka was had by all

And her cute blond, tipsy friend and got to catch the end of Dina El-Bar’s Fashion show and see Anthony Franco’s to die for collection

Anthony Franco & model

This was an amazing night.

Turns out we did have some celebrities in the audience. Bridget Marquardt from ‘Girls Next Door’ was in the front row. No wonder I liked her best on the show. She’s a fashionista at heart. out and between fashion, beauty and general fun I cannot send enough thanks to Mikey Koffman and of course James, CEO and Owner of Runway Magazine for the invite. Despite having the flu it was the highlight of my week.
Also I want to give a big thanks to Nelson Shen and Bob Degadillo for taking my picture on the carpet.

With Steven Escobar of Diversity News, Photo by Nelson Shen
Photo by Bob Degadillo

Remember this Fashionista’s and Fashion Bloggers in the making. Always be nice to your Networkers and your Photographers. They will make you shine like a star, even when you have the flu.

9 thoughts on “Fashion Night Out, Beverly Hills – Thanks to Runway Magazine!

    1. This is weird: Runway Magazine supports Mikey and her amazing accomplishments she has done for the LA fashion community. Runway Magazine has never encountered a problem with Mikey nor her team – We know their camp can get very busy at times like all of us in this business – yet they always have maintained an impeccable professionalism with RM. I do not know who is posting all of these articles but I hope they find it in their heart to move forward and move on. The fashion community is to small in LA to be negative.

      Thank You..


      1. I’m deleting these, I promoted sponsors, promoted runway, promoted the event, blogged positive, not one person asked me to. I did my best to portray this as wonderful. I put that things were on the mend and ppl were happy. I thanked the photographers.
        You’re right about being negative.
        All you had to do is ask me to remove it, instead I personally am being attacked for information I received from several photographers. Tell you what talk to me and be mad at them.
        You haven’t ruined my rep but in fact enhanced it because now people want to see the contract I was given. You certainly brought to light that you attack people over blogs instead of being professional and asking me nicely to remove said information.
        I will leave this up long enough for you to see it. Tomorrow I will edit everything out or permanently delete this and any other blogs. Up to you guys. You have my information ALL OVER THE INTERNET why you proceeded NOT to email me is what is ridiculous. It’s on my page.


  1. You are 100% wrong about the photography releases at L.A. Fashion Weekend. As a writer, I would expect you to do your homework.

    The release was drafted by Sunset Gower Studios, a WORKING studio, that asks of everyone to sign a release. Second of all, your interpretation of that release is FALSE. Photographers WERE allowed to and DID release images of the event. All you have to go is simply GOOGLE and see!

    Also, your statement of “At her last LA Fashion Weekend Koffman had the balls to piss off every photo agency and professional fashion photographer in LA. She demanded all of their photo’s go to her and none should be released to the public. ” is also completely FALSE.

    She pissed off ONE photographer, from Agenda “magazine”, who was hurt that MIkey didn’t hire him as her in-house photographer. She chose to go with her media sponsor’s photographer instead, not because of anything personal, but it made more sense logistically.

    If you are going to attend and enjoy my client’s event, at least have your facts straight before walking through that door.

    How terribly irresponsible. I would also expect more from James, who knows the true story first hand.


    1. Funny I know 5 agency photogs who dealt with it (want names?) and there was, unknown to you Karen a MEETING of all of them discussing boycotting Mikey. I also mentioned she mended the problem but you are a little too flip to notice that (I have great respect for Koffman).So I did my homework. Did you? I, however appreciate your attempt at damage control as it is your job. As a PR professional watch your tone when attacking press.


  2. If you have true respect for Koffman, none of the above falsehoods would have been written at all. You would have gone to the source, to see if your “A little industry inside info” were indeed correct.

    It is 100% false. There was nothing for Mikey to mend, as there is no truth to what has been accused of her.

    This isn’t “damage control” as no damage has been done, as you can tell by the 700 guests and media who attended her Fashion’s Night Out.

    Maybe you would see the bigger picture, that a female, in this business, is being attacked, for trying to create a place where our Los Angeles artists can thrive. She has literally put her blood, sweat, tears and non-existent funds into something she believes so much about…for the benefit of others.

    I have been in this business for a *very* long time, and have top members of the press in my own family… I expect more from other journalists. This town has so little support when it comes to our Fashion events, don’t be another to bring it down.


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