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Stylist Workshop by @TrendyMii and Fabric Fashion Show – Day 2 Come Do Q& A with @HeathyrWolfe @eburnsprepjerks ! #Stylist #QA #FAQ #Fashion #RedCarpet #FREE


Save the date kittens! For two days Kiera Renee and her company TrendyMii will be putting on a conference for those of you interested in the fashion industry and becoming a celebrity stylist. This is full deal with how to workshops and what it takes to make it in the industry.

March 29th I will be on a celebrity stylist panel doing Q&A with the ever talented E Burns of Prepjerks. The man is also Christina Millian’s right hand.

Held at 424 N Beverly Hills Blvd by Lifestyle Beverly Hills, I will be there discussing, how to make it in this industry, and answering all your questions about the difference between styling clients on editorial, runway and red carpet.

Excited? Here’s the line-up;


Trendymii brings Stylers Panel, a style conversation, to Lifestyle Bevelry Hills, produced by Fabric Fashion Show on March 28th and 29th at 424 N Beverly Hills Bvld.

Two days of learning to wrap up Los Angeles Fashion week, and kickstart your Spring. All hosted by Fashion Journalist Kiera Renee

Day 1:

Stylers Panel Presents:

LifestyleBH Presents:

Stylers Panel: Dress for Spring on a Budget
Powered by Trendymii

Marko the Curator – Using Ragdolls

Kyla Gaile – using Ximena Valero

Gianni Valentino- using ILF

Ximena Valero
Ragdolls Boutique
I Love Fashion LA Boutique

Live Tapping of webseries: Ximena Valero
Media Coverage: The LA Fashion, Incline Magazine, Trendymii

Day 2

March 29th

LifestyleBH Presents:

Stylers Panel: I’m a celebrity Stylist
Powered by: Trendymii



Heathyr Wolfe


Apollo L Bowz

Special Meet and Greet with recording group Happy Pills

Media Coverage: The LA Fashion

This is a FREE EVENT! All you have to do it show up!

DKNY Beverly Hills Trunk Show #Today #Fashion #DonnaKaran

After lot’s of coughing, Nyquil and a million vitamins I have beat H1N1. Just in time too. NYFW invites are coming in, shows are lining up for LAFW and I need to get back to business in a big way.

SO here’s the deet’s for today’s too fab fashion event in LA.

In Beverly Hills (of course) DKNY is having a trunk show at the ever lovely shopping hot spot, Neiman Marcus of Beverly Hills. It’s going all day until 5pm PST so if you have car, and will travel, travel here;


Not only do you get to shop the new SS 2014 line but you can meet someone amazing who makes it happen FROM DKNY, the amazing Shirley Warren. This is a great chance to hob nob, network, shop and later do the rodeo drive luncheon.

So what are you waiting for? A formal invite. You have one! No go!

Ride to Feed @ Soul Cycle 4/21, Sunset Plaza, Time to Give Back Angelenos! #Exercise #Charity #MealsonWheels

I f you haven’t given to charity this year, here’s your chance to become a key player in philanthropy in Los Angeles.

The awesome folks over at Michelle PR sent me this. Being a huge fan of charitable causes I wanted to share this, suggest it and push strongly that you go and partake.

The drive is for ‘Meals on Wheels’, which, I have actually donated to thankyouverymuch.

Meals on Wheels was created to distribute a nice, healthy, hot meal to Senior Citizens who are home-bound and can’t prepare food or go to the market themselves in Los Angeles county. We’re talking about the your grandparents here so PAY ATTENTION.

The event will take place on April 21st. There are two ways you can help

1) Be a rider. The great part is riders get free schwag bags that include;

Junk Food tee,


Which we adore being fashion addicts on this site,

a Cart for a Cause Cook Book, a St. Vincent Meals on Wheels angel pin and more for taking time to raise awareness for this important cause. Are you hooked? I am!

2) Be an attendee. With celebrity chef, Michael Fiorelli hosting this, you know you want to go. Tickets are $50 and that is a small amount to give for a charity. Because charity is AWESOME (and tax deductible)

In the past charitable events have raised enough money to distribute 25,000 meals a year for ‘Meals on Wheels’ so yes, you will be making a difference. If you can’t be a rider there is hope for you. You can attend this event by buying tickets on eventbrite HERE;

Eventbrite ticket link to  – Ride to Feed Event @ Soul Cycle SUNSET PLAZA

Fashion Night Out, Beverly Hills – Thanks to Runway Magazine!

I know I have been missing and you have missed me and this blog terribly. I had a fever flu. It makes you weak, ridiculous, grumpy, whiny and just plain a mess. You should be glad I wasn’t writing. It would have been a delusional mess, and I would have sounded something like Perez Hilton.

Back to Business.

Last Wednesday I was a lucky little monster. I was invited and CONFIRMED for #FNO in Beverly Hills presented by Beverly Hills Porsche and Wella Professionals. HUGE thanks to Runway Magazine for the invite.

Thank god for Advil Cold & Sinus. It is my secret weapon when doing business and ill. I use it so much they should sponsor me.

Outside was packed, professional and the list was so tight there was no room for anyone to fake VIP entry. Well done BH #FNO. Mikey Koffman of LA Fashion Weekend was hands on which was refreshing to see after the last LA Fashion Weekend fiasco. Nice to see her working with everyone and playing super nice.

(A little industry inside info. At one of her LA Fashion Weekend Koffman had the balls to piss off every photo agency and professional fashion photographer in LA. Mikey did not let them know until they arrived and that they would be forced to sign a waiver giving her possession of all photos. This is not only bad form but bad publicity. Anyone photog under contract with say ‘Getty Images/Splash News/AP Images’, has a contract that states they need permission to photograph said event and ALL photos got to ‘Getty/Splash/AP’ UNDER CONTRACT OF LAW of that event. It created a boycott that she is still on the mend from.)

Inside the line led to….the bar! If you ever go to a VIP event this will always be the most packed area. DO NOT approach if you are claustrophobic.

Crowd in line for bar

Breathing Room?

I made it!

I decided to check out the vendors. I love beauty and hair products. This has to be the only times I have ever regretted not having longer hair. West Hollywood salon ‘Nine Zero One‘ was doing a braid bar. ENVY!!

The stylists were incredibly nice and convinced me to come by and check out their salon since they are in the WeHo neighborhood. I talked with the girls at Wella, Napoleon Makeup Academy and of course spoke with a cute male rep for Glowglam facial masque. Everyone was on their game and I got to sample some amazing products.

Networking through the crowd I met Steven Escobar, Editor-in-Chief of Diversity News (my BFF for the evening)

Roger Tinsley aka Danger Man, I ran into an actor friend of mine Michael, a fabulous tranny

-A little too much vodka was had by all

And her cute blond, tipsy friend and got to catch the end of Dina El-Bar’s Fashion show and see Anthony Franco’s to die for collection

Anthony Franco & model

This was an amazing night.

Turns out we did have some celebrities in the audience. Bridget Marquardt from ‘Girls Next Door’ was in the front row. No wonder I liked her best on the show. She’s a fashionista at heart. out and between fashion, beauty and general fun I cannot send enough thanks to Mikey Koffman and of course James, CEO and Owner of Runway Magazine for the invite. Despite having the flu it was the highlight of my week.
Also I want to give a big thanks to Nelson Shen and Bob Degadillo for taking my picture on the carpet.

With Steven Escobar of Diversity News, Photo by Nelson Shen

Photo by Bob Degadillo

Remember this Fashionista’s and Fashion Bloggers in the making. Always be nice to your Networkers and your Photographers. They will make you shine like a star, even when you have the flu.