Kimye Poses as Jesus Christ in Brazil #Tacky #Tactless #StuntQueens

There comes a times when incredible egos do incredible stunts to be incredibly tacky to incredibly tabloid news. This would be one of them. Oh Kimye, What in Gods name are you doing?

Pregnant reality TV star Kim Kardashian wears a pink dress while her and boyfriend rapper Kanye West visit the Christ the Redeemer statue in Rio De Janeiro












No. Literally. What in Gods name are they doing?

Recently Kim Kardashian and her baby daddy Kanye West went to Rio De Janeiro to explore the wonders of Brazil. While at the ‘Christ the Redeemer’ statue, they decided to pull a trashy tabloid photo for the Brazilian paparazzi. Like only a stunt queen can they posed together as Jesus Christ.

Not only was this in bad taste (hey, it’s Kimye) but also blasphemy  Seeing as Kanye has a long history of likening himself to Christ I suppose we shouldn’t be shocked. Annnnnnnd, we’re not.

The reason being is when eg-ho’s this big crash together, OF course they think they are bigger than JC. It’s alright to be disgusted by it. They are clueless and tactless.

This photo proves all of that. Note little boys look of disgust in background and Kanye’s look of herpaderp.