The New Saint Laurent Featuring Icons of 90’s Rock #HeidiSlimane #Photography #Campaign


Saint Laurent recently revamped from the iconic Yves Saint Laurent to….Saint Laurent thanks to creative director Heidi Slimane. (Read more HERE)

With a fashion house this iconic it was a daring decision and perhaps could have been a pitfall. However with a super power in the industry like (Yves) Saint Laurent they refuse to let simple things, such as a change in name, ruin a platinum reputation.

Enter Heidi Slimane. Iconic fashion & music photographer and mad genius. Add Courtney Love, Marilyn Manson, Kim Gordon of Sonic Youth and Ariel Pink of Ariel Pink’s Haunted Graffiti. All as mad, strange and beautiful as the new house of Saint Laurent, and Heidi Slimane.

Create a campaign using all of the above rock icon’s from the ’90’s, and you have perfection with side of hardcore only Slimane is keyed into. And one beautiful campaign.

See the new faces of Saint Laurent below as captured by Heidi Slimane.