Johnny Depp Flies Back to Vanessa Paradis

NO! Say it ain’t so. My one chance to meet and slobber on Johnny Depp seem’s to have flown the coop. Look’s like all us Hollywood Depp groupies will have to wait another year or even, lifetime, for our chance to party with Johnny.

That’s right Mr’ Johnny Depp came to his senses (boo!) and has flown back to the south of France to try to patch thing up with his long-time love Vanessa Paradis. Makes sense since he has two children in the picture now. That’s right. They are getting big enough to know what is going on now too.  Lily-Rose is 13, and Jack is nine. Depp is 49 now and needs to stop philandering and fooling around.

I hate to wish them the best, but I sincerely do. Go get your woman Johnny and as the French say ; Bonne Chance!

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