Heathyr Wolfe (ergo me)in New York Times Photo Section. In Case You Missed It!

Way back in 2009 I had an amazing shoot with French Photographer Lise Sarfati for the photo series, ‘On Hollywood’. I have quit smoking since (yay me!), but the effect of the photo itself is striking and phenomenal. Like something out of a of an old Italian film. I am VERY proud of this photo.

I just found out it got featured in the New York Times photo editorial (jaw dropping)! HUGE thank you to Robert Kenney for finding this for me online (shameless plug, check his photo work of ME at http://www.RobertKenney.info )


To see full slideshow and series of ‘On Hollywood’ go here; http://www.nytimes.com/slideshow/2012/03/24/opinion/sunday/0325SR-photo-essay.html?ref=sunday#12

In case you are unaware of Lise Sarfati, new to the arts or interested in learning more here is a little info on her.

Lise is Internationally renowned photographer who has done fashion campaigns which have appeared in Vogue, has shown her photos around the world and more recently in the Louvre Carousel and the Rose Gallery in Venice/Santa Monica. Most importantly is a she is key artist in the photography world.

Her website and Imagery is HERE;


I love her dearly and we have kept in touch over the years. Her and her husband Francois are top of my list of people to visit in Paris.

I recommend you check out her work, Robert Kenney’s work and send them feedback. It’s an artsy kind of Sunday. Indulge!