Chris Brown Get’s Signed to Wilhelmina Models? #badjoke

Controversial, thug, violent, actor, producer, chart topper, rapper, singer.

Love him or hate him Chris Brown has captured our attention for years. His mommy calls him an ‘Angel’ and the bloggers call him the devil.

Despite antics like busting a window and ‘Good Morning’ and Rhianna’s face, Chris Browns public has stuck by him. His career is not only powerful but so is his presence. Now Chris Brown has managed to top it all off by becoming a fashion/modeling icon. Wilhelmina Models, based out of NYC, has signed Chris Brown.

What the what?!! Admittedly the man has great body art and works out, but I will not be blinded by his pretty pectoral muscles. His actions over the years make him straight thug.

So why him and why his face? According to WWD;

Taylor Hendrich, director of Wilhelmina’s men’s division, told WWD, “Chris Brown is a… multifaceted artist with a unique take on style, and we are excited to translate and extend his brand.”

Translated from Marketing/PR speak that means, he is worth a lot of money.

I can see that. He has also emerged as quite a brand leader and is ‘sort of’ cleaning up his act. The 2009 incidence with Rhianna is in the past and Chiris Brown has been acting and Producing since 2001. With gold records and an entertainment career, this is the right move fiscally to build a small empire. ( I can hear Kanye having a fish sticks fit over this as we speak.)

I hope Wilhelmina knows what they are doing. They need to bring out the suave in CB and make him shine. If anyone can make Chris Brown into a gentlemen, Wilhelmina models can.

How do you feel about Chris Brown’s move into modeling/fashion? Is it right for him? Or should he stay on the music path?

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