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Marc Jacobs Hits 50 with a ‘BANG’! #Abs #Fragrance #PourHomme #BirthdayBoy

Marc Jacobs is sitting pretty in his 50th year, celebrating his birthday this year, which is April 9th), by releasing his new fragrance pour homme, “BANG”. The title says it all.


Sitting pretty is right.

Over the years Marc Jacobs has given us fashion, fosse (90’s), fatty(mid 2000’s) and now ripped to the gills and fabulous 50.

With the release of Bang, Marc decided to show of his gorgeous sculpted body in his new fragrance ad. He also recently began tweeting pics of himself on twitter and instagram, looking too fit for words. What does this mean? It means Marc isn’t slowing down but plans on wearing more man kilts, lace dresses and showing us what he is made of a la Karl Lagerfeld. Who says age is a drawback? It’s looking mighty fine to me.

Congrats Marc Jacobs on your super fine fifty years. We’re looking forward to you clothing, scents and more spectacular instagram’s.

Happy Birthday you Beautiful baby!


Marc Jacobs and His New Love “Dot”

Don’t worry it’s not what you think. Or perhaps it’s exactly what you think if you are in the know. Marc Jacobs released his new signature fragrance to the public, “Dot”.

I love Daisy. It’s light, youthful, flowery with a hint of girly. What is so different about ‘Dot’? How will this fragrance captivate and enthrall Marc’s audience?

Below Marc Jacobs talks ‘Dot’ and what it is as well as the creation process.

Fascinating and interesting as always we approve and can’t wait to give a try Marc. After all anyone who can pull off a dress like he did is well worth supporting.