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Tiger Blood and Super Liar join Forces for Scary Movie 5 (Trailer)

The only reason I want to see this is because it may be Lindsay Lohan’s last movie. Kind of like a post-mortem thing. Or maybe on the bright side it will be the last movie before she goes to jail. Either way I want to see the INCREDIBAD acting skills of Lilo as she tries to act like she gives a f**k about acting.

And being with Charlie Sheen.

I still don’t know why she refused to kiss our favorite crack wizard. Perhaps she was afraid she might get healthy. After all, Sheen must be doing something pretty amazing to stay alive this long. Or perhaps her lips have just gone numb after years of sucking on a meth pipe. Either way she’d be lucky cause no one else would touch her, even, under contract.

Back to Scary Movie 5.

I am loving the cheese, humor, mocking and slapstick of this Scary Movie, so enjoy this. Happy holidays. I hope this makes you giggle like it did me;

Charlie Sheen Thinks Lindsay Lohan is a Mess…..and He’s Right! #ScaryMovie5 Drama

When will Lohan learn to bring forth her wizardry and tiger’s blood? It better be soon because even Charlie Sheen is shaking his head at this mess.
Recently Lohan was hired to shoot ‘Scary Movie 5’. However although shooting has begun Lohan has been absent with ‘walking pneumonia’.








Really Lohan? Only if walking pneumonia means meth addiction hunny.

She claims she wasn’t in the script for the scene they were shooting. Seem’s that Lohan has been absentee from the beginning and wouldn’t participate in anything.

“Lindsay missed every meeting she had for the film, including script reads and wardrobe meetings. Then she missed her flight to Atlanta on Sunday to shoot the movie. The producers had been getting signs Friday that she was a mess, and would not be fit to work. She is under contract — so to get out of it, she had to prove that she was sick. She tried to prove she has walking pneumonia. She’s been locked up in her room at the Bowery Hotel. She’s been in a tailspin. Even Charlie Sheen worried she might not be able to do the scene.”

Lohan my dear you have a REAL problem. Like heading for dead problem. If Charlie Sheen is worried you know it’s bad.

Seems’ also there is a scene where she and Tiger Blood (Sheen) kiss and she refuses to do that as well. I hate to be the one to cue her into reality but Charlie Sheen sans his fake teeth look better than she does right now.

I say they should just shoot it as a reality show and call it ‘Scary Movie 5 – the Sheen/Lohan saga’.

I’d watch it.


Lilo and Sheen Sign for Scary Movie 5. Holy Hell, the Apocalypse/Rapture is Upon Us!

(Photo straight stolen from Michael K and crew at Dlisted.com because it is too good not to share http://dlisted.com/)

According the lovely people at E! Charlie Sheen is back for another romp in the scary movie series. This should be interesting with his ‘Tiger Blood’ on set, i.e. crackhead craziness.

Wait there is more, Lovely Lindsay Lohan aka LiLo has signed on too. Oh…Em…Gee….Fuckballs. This is beyond interesting. I expect this to be ….HIGH-larious. Imagine the Wizard and Queen of drug addiction together. What kind of insurance do you need for that kind of movie? Holy bejesus!

As far as Lohan she once again, or should I say notoriously, has NOT signed a contract yet. So um, is she in it?

Her rep said that, “as of right this moment,” she had not inked a deal, but all insiders are in agreement that she is definitely doing the movie.

Sources also say that the ever-comebacking Charlie Sheen, despite being uncomfortably killed off in Scary Movie 4, will be back for the next sequel, which is being touted as a complete reboot of the franchise and is due in theaters Jan. 11, 2013.


Oh eff me, really. This is like all the other movies Lindsay says she is in. They want her but she is even HIGH-er risk than Sheen who at least has a REAL career backing him up. Maybe he can use his magic Wizard powers to push this through because it will be a must-see movie.

Lets hope neither one OD’s or dies half way through shooting I kind of want to see this made.

Sigh, that’s Hollywood.