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Spring/Summer 2018 Trends: Bringing Back the 80’s


(Photo of Stella McCartney SS 2018)

This Spring it’s all or nothing. A nod to the past has brought back defined shapes and a play on colors. Put away your floral’s and head to the stores to pick up your favorite look  with an 80’s flare. Shoulder pads are in and demure is out. These looks are soft but tough. Vintage, yet modern.

Classy ladies wear pastels;


At Tom Ford, Gigi Hadid and other supermodels, are wearing pretty pastel pink and yellow. The bold splash of color teases the eye but doesn’t dominate the outfit. Other favorites on the runway consisted of baby blue and a pale or mint green. This season has a sweet statement, with light beauty makeup, a classic closed toe heel, glitterati sparkle, finishing off the look with a splash of color.

Mix and match with a dash of color yet not overpowering. Embrace the suit jacket and boxed shoulder. Skips the nudes and head for pastels. It’s an update, with a nod to the classics, and modern update.


In the history of fashion the 1970s were all about nudes, browns, and stylistically very much about ruffles and loose clothing. In the mid 1980’s there was a huge backlash to the constant earth tones and relaxed style of clothing  and woman embraced striking color, square figures and streamlined looks. 1980’s inspired looks are full of bright colors, animal and cartoon prints, finding their niche on the runway and back into the fashion fold in 2018.

Color me pretty;

versace composite

(Versace SS 2018)

Spring/Summer brings color back to the fashion market. This season’s statement is all about the bold and beautiful.  Often seen on the runways of Moschino, The Blonds and jewelry designer Lynn Ban, extreme color is no longer a closet trend.

Seen on 2018’s Spring collection’s we are embracing the adventurous. Animal prints, crazy cartoons, hot pink and orange, electric blues, these have come back in a totally eclipsing way. It’s time to embrace the 80’s colors but instead of being over-sized, mixing and matching, keep your outfit a focused and fearless outline. Bust out your leopard, zebra and giraffe prints. The 80’s are roaring and it’s time you caught up.


(Photo LA Times)

Having lived through the 80’s as a child, I missed this playful era of fashion. It means dusting off a dated era and adding an update that makes gives it a contemporary look. Looks that are simplistic, yet eye catching in their statement. Shoulder pads are making a comeback the right way this time, and print’s with color are inspiring and acceptable again. Streamlining your look makes it easy to find an outfit in your closet, no more messy mix and match. Floral’s and 90’s inspired grunge, have given way to much stronger use of colors, even in pastel.

Color, no matter how you wear it is in, and the 1980’s style has a very strong foothold.

Anne Hathaway Flashes Her Carpet at ‘Les Mis’ Premiere #Derp #Commando

Photo By Splash News

Photo By Splash News














I’d like to thank Anne Hathaway for ending my slow news week.

Last night at the premiere of ‘Les Miserables” in New York, Anne wore a gorgeous Tom Ford dress and sexy boots I MUST have. Unfortunately our diva of the night forgot underwear and went commando. Not that I can blame Anne. Who wants VPL (visible panty line) when you are wearing a dress like that?  Me thinks Anne needs to learn that what a G-string is for. *shakes head*

Still, the dress was stunning and her bootie/boots are making me die with envy. I suppose this is also why stars are popular. I mean where would bloggers be without a red carpet coochie flash occasionally. Unfortunately now we know how Anne wears her carpet as well.

Next time I bet Annie will don a pantie.

Congratulations to Tom Ford and Richard Buckley on a Baby Boy!!

Congratulations to Tom Ford and Richard Buckley on their brand new baby boy, Alexander John Buckley-Ford!!

The Fashion world is excited to see such amazing talent and doting parents, care for and bring, another wonderful child into this world. Dress him well Tom and he will take over yer empire at 18!