McQueen, Meisel & Moss #Fashion #Editorial #Win

Ok, before you ask where has this lovely bloggy been, I have been deathly ill with the flu for ┬áthe 2 and a half time. This thing is easy to get apparently if you work at a 50,000 person convention for four days. But that isn't what you are here for is it? My flu … Continue reading McQueen, Meisel & Moss #Fashion #Editorial #Win

Katt Williams Caught & Arrested #Finally #Duh

I guess Katt and Lilo only have so many get out of jail free cards and both just expired. The look you see above is Katt Williams face when he finally got arrested for something. So far the funny man has escaped authorities on past charges for playing with guns and being ghetto but this … Continue reading Katt Williams Caught & Arrested #Finally #Duh

Robocop Redux, Stealing my Childhood, One Piece at a Time

This has to stop. Every time a Hollywood producer makes a remake, a kitten dies. Ok, maybe not, but I die a little inside. The newest victim; Robocop. According to these are the newest pictures being released of the 'new' and very much NOT improved Robocop. I think I just threw up in my mouth a … Continue reading Robocop Redux, Stealing my Childhood, One Piece at a Time