The new modern minimalism, in Fashion

or, why you should forget about cottage core. Sorry I dead posted my page fashion fanatics. Covid kills the your writing drive. Now that I’m caught back up in the fashion industry, and have worked with the great folks at Fascinate Media and, it’s time to write about what I know best. FASHION!! Fashion … Continue reading The new modern minimalism, in Fashion

The Indomitable Gareth Pugh – #PFW #RunwayReport

This years collections have been over run with blasts from the pasts in design and color from the 20's-1960's. Colors have mostly been light blue, Cobalt blue, Persimmon and Burnt Umber with a dash of lime and forest green (Calvin Klein collection). Thankfully a break in the horizon of fashion has come with the always dashing and … Continue reading The Indomitable Gareth Pugh – #PFW #RunwayReport