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Victoria Beckham FW 2014; Simplicity in Design #FW2014 #Beckham #KISSMethod

When it comes to the fashion industry we do not take kindly to celebrities turned designers. Our world moves faster than most, is fickle and is overly discerning leaving us hyper critical of our peers. Add the fact a ‘celebrity’ turns designer (see Kanye/Kardashion’s/Nicole Richie/The Olsen Twins) and we are down right bitchy.

As we move forward in the industry, we have embraced the celebrity/designer. Fashion about growth. This has opened the door to talent like Nicole Richie, Gwen Stefani of L.A.M.B and of course Victoria Beckham.

Beckham’s designs have always been simple, clean and easy to mix match. This can be a drawback. Earlier designs from her introduction around 2010 were outright plain, boring and according to Style.com ‘boyish’. Learning from past mistakes she has dropped the androgyny from SS 2014 to create a properly appealing ‘women’s’ line that is less futuristic and modernized. Victoria Beckham brought a new and fresh style with a sleek, feminine look. With elongated dresses and skirts, the sheer trend that adding touches of well placed print and embellishment of pleats, prints, leather trim and fur, she has drawn from an almost vintage look.

Victoria has surpasses her old design’s with excellent choices in emphasizing a silhouette, adding dash of the sheer trend, creating a line that would look classy on any woman.

Beckham has won us over with her FW 2014 collection using elegant style with timeless chic.

See full FW 2014 collection below;

Romeo Beckham Does Burberry – Editorial Video

Tis the season for Fashion Editorial video’s and our Fashion House today is Burberry. Stylish, classic chic with an amazing brand image. Who doesn’t think about that perfect plaid when Burberry is mentioned?

It also makes me think of trench’s and English tea. And how Victoria Beckham was banned from wearing Burberry a few years ago because it was ‘trashy, not classy’ on her.

Well payback is a bitch and we love it. The best revenge is living well and having gorgeous children. Right Victoria?

Not only did Victoria turn her life around BUT she married David Beckham and had kids.

Cute ones. So cute…..Romeo Beckham is now working as a model. And he just got his first job. Working FOR Burberry.

I love irony. It’s just wicked and funny. Also makes for great blogging!

All things said and done, Burberry and the Beckham’s mended things and are working together. So glad the Big B and the Big V aren’t in a bitch fight anymore.

Here are the shots Mario Testino took of the wee cheeky monkey thanks to GraziaDay.co.uk;

© Copyright Burberry/Testino

© Copyright Burberry/Testino

© Copyright Burberry/Testino© Copyright Burberry/Testino

Check out Romeo Beckham’s debut as a fashion model as the fabulous new face of the brand in this quick and sweet video ;

David Beckham Leaves LA Galaxy, Becomes Face of Breitling

We are terribly sad to see David Beckham go in LA. His last game with L.A. Galaxy will be for the MLS Cup. After that where will he go? Is Beckham settling down with his fab wifey and kids?!

Of course not.

Beckham and his fab abs have gone and become the new face of Breitling time pieces.

I am happy to say we have a editorial video of the shoot for the company. Complete with removal of Beck’s shirt. Thank goodness. This just saved my Monday.

Enjoy the video below!