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Barring Eyewear, For your Indian Summer #BarringEyewear #Unisex #Sexy #Savvy #Cool #LimitedEdition

There is nothing in life we appreciate over more than super smooth, couture, limited edition fashion and accessories. Especially when involving an edgy, sophisticated, cool that reminds us how ‘special’, ‘one of a kind’ and ‘super exclusive’ we are. Add sustainability (we love that), and polymers we can pronounce and we’re sold.

Photography by J.N. Anderson on behalf of Barring Eyewear

With this damned heat, sun and Indian Summer we’re all experience we need shades 24/7. Unfortunately most are cheap, break and last about 5 minutes.

But…what if, you could have the James Bond of shades? Durable, almost unbreakable and made by some cool scientists in Philadelphia who decided durability and design were the ‘cool’ new thing to do.

I spoke with one of the co-founders, a young genius, Joseph Wang over the phone and this is what I learned. Three incredible young men came together with a vision, some scientific knowledge and a goddamn great idea. Cody, Eric and Joe decided to create and amazing line of sunglasses, named Barring Eyewear, and succeeded. Each one named after a neighborhood in their hometown they have created a sustainable, and slightly invincible product.

Superior, above par, hand-made and packed, they created and started selling Barring eyewear. Their customer? Someone who was looking for something a little more beautiful and durable than the average shade. In doing so their project has soared to greater heights. Not just in their current market, but as a multi-level, superior product.

Let’s talk science, because you need to know how bad ass these are….


Manufactured with high-grade, tri-acetate cellulose (TAC), every lens features TAC polarization, wrinkle protection technology, scratch & shatter resistant layers, and provides 100% UV protection from UVA and UVB rays.  Polarized and Category 3, UV protection, this combination provides crisp vision and eliminates glare.  All of their lenses are FDA approved and exceed European Union standards.

Sweet deal!

Photography by J.N. Anderson on behalf of Barring Eyewear

Want? Yes. Need? Yes, Please! Because it get’s better.

All frames come with a branded wooden case or branded sunglasses case (NOIR glasses), a microfiber wipe, and a dual draw string micro-fiber travel bag, making it a great for you and/or a loved one.

Photography by J.N. Anderson on behalf of Barring Eyewear

As if the beautiful packing, product and scratch resistant lenses weren’t enough to sell me, they offer a LIFETIME WARRANTY!!

Barring Eyewear also gives back.

In 2014 due to an unfortunate loss of a family member, the owners of Barring Eyewear decided to start donating to charity. They are donating $1 of every sale to Cancer Research. You know how much I admire and adore promoting companies that give back. Barring is not a just superior in product, but attitude as well.

Check out the gallery below to see their product line to get your shopping glands salivating;

Let’s go over how ‘cool’ Barring is again, shall we?

Barring Eyewear is handmade, scratch resistant, polymer rich, sustainable and charitable. Talk about the gift that keeps on giving.

If you want to order yours click the glasses below and it will take you to their main store where you can order yours.

Fairmount Coffee of Barring Eyewear Rouge of Barring Eyewear Noir on behalf of Barring Eyewear

Now for the semi-bad news. They are so damn hot on the market right now they are selling out. Pre-sale selling out. There are only 200 of each Barring Eyewear item made, making these ULTRA Exclusive. We love exclusive but it makes things a little harder to get. Especially as we go into the gift-giving Holiday months.

If the glasses you want ARE sold out you can PRE-ORDER yours by going to their Indie Gogo site below.


Good luck 007. Here’s hoping you get your handmade, custom Barring Eyewear before the uncool, tragically hip find them and BUY THEM ALL!

Follow Barring Eyewear at;





(A very cool post note for Philadelphia, PA customers. If you live in the Philly, PA or surrounding area Barring Eyewear offers a ‘Concierge‘ service that comes straight to you! Contact Barring@BarringEyewear.com to make an appointment now!)

News of the WTF. Strange New Findings in the World of Science; Penis Snake and TITANOBOA!

Science never ceases to amaze me hen it comes to new findings and strange animals, reptiles, amphibians, etc. It’s icky, gross and often VERY threatening. This is fine when it is extinct.

I recently had the chance to view documentary on ‘Titanoboa’. I figured it might be a fun romp into Docu land with a few added giggles. Instead it has turned me into a creature obsessed.

This colossal snake is closely related to the Amazonian Boa. This is frightening because it exists today. However Titanonoa died 60-63 Million years ago. The reason I preceded with the picture above is that Titanoboa was a MONSTER that could devour a large human without blinking.

According to Wikipedia.org;

By comparing the sizes and shapes of its fossilizedvertebrae to those of extant snakes, researchers estimated T. cerrejonensisreached a maximum length of 12 to 15 m (40 to 50 ft),[4] weighed about 1,135 kg (2,500 lb),[1] and measured about 1 m (3 ft) in diameter at the thickest part of the body.[5][6]

For Americans, that is 50 feet long, 2+ tons, its width larger/higher than your bed or kitchen table. And able to eat small mammals in a single bound with jaws that open to the size of a doorway in your house.

Still not sure how big it would be, check out these photos from The Smithsonian Exhibit

Mother’s hide your children! No, just kidding. However there is a lot to be learned from this behemoth. I just scientists don’t get a bug up their buttt and decide to clone this bad boy.

Want to learn more? Follow Titanoboa on Twitter @Titanoboa.

You can watch the documentary on Titanoboa here;

Click the Image to watch the Documentary

Now to move on to something slightly more alive and slightly more disgusting.; The Penis Snake

Yes, it’s real and it’s really, really gross looking.

This limbless amphibian is the newest find in the Amazon. The Amazon is full of new undiscovered species and plants. This happens to be one of them.

According to the Inqisitor.com, they found this beast in Brazil.

Monga Bay reports that the strange creature was discovered while the Madeira River was being drained as part of a damn building project in Brazil’s Madeira River. Biologist Julian Tupan said that six penis snakes were found at the bottom of the river.

The amphibious creature is know as  Atretochoana eiseltiis. The scientists ho have found it and studied it tried calling it a ‘Floppy Snake’. Unfortunately due to its, um, happy face, shape color and size, it was re-dubbed ‘Penis Snake’.

I personally am fan of going PG-13 with this little guy, and calling it a trouser snake to soften the blow.

What do you think it should be called?

Read more at http://www.inquisitr.com/292028/penis-snake-discovered-in-brazil/?obref=obinsite#pevJkdeAl6i2aPqm.99