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Cyber Monday presents ‘Cherry Punk’ from Sonia Rykiel for Christmas line. #Hotness #HanneOdiel


I love a gorgeous model. I love Editorial videos.

Most of all, I L-O-V-E Christmas.


Not Me, but I would like to thank the girl who took this.

Apparently so does Sonya Rykiel. Presenting hot Belgium model Hanne Gaby Odiele, Sonya Rykiel brings us a very ‘Cherry Punk’ Christmas in this short editorial viddy.

I love that designers are getting not so pretty with it and getting kinda punky. Let’s hope we see more of this, a la Cara Delevigne.

Katy Perry is ‘goth’….oh WTF?

Not so recently, Katy Perry slit from Russell Brand. We know that it was ‘rough’ and ‘hard on her’, but this PR stunt queen is going a little too far.

Shedding her ‘latex cupcake’ image Katy Perry has recently shown up at the Kids Choice awards and the ‘ENT’ red carpet looking like she just listening to her first Marilyn Manson album.

What do we think? I’m just going to jump ahead a few weeks of gossip/fashion blogs and say;


Katy Perry is a pop queen wrapped up in a slice of religion. She is what Disney would have gotten if they had a fetish for latex and Snoop Dogg.ย I adore Katy and her ‘California Girls’ cotton candy video and cotton candy hair. There is something impossibly right about that as her ‘image’.

Too much smokey eye on this girl and black screams ‘bad PR who should be fired’. It’s not interesting, it just got a goth/glitter gay make over at Glambert’s house.

I say quit trying to emote through your makeup.ย Bring back our little slice of pop queen and leave the goth/fetish look to the professional’s Katy.

Thierry Mugler FW 2011

We want our Twinkie back.