Naomi Campbell on ‘Kimye’ Cover & Editorial Video for Vogue #NoThankYouVeryMuch #EndlessLaughing


As the fashion world reels to the news the the ever relevant irrelevant ‘Kimye’ has taken over the Vogue cover, Naomi Campbell has spoken out. Or perhaps pulled the most epic LOL on the face of the planet. Normally I think she is stone cold B*tch, which can be great in fashion and modeling. No, really. However this time I want to hug that frozen goddess and thank her. Her rebuttal to the nasty made everyone smile. Possibly even Anna Wintour.

Check out the video below.

One thought on “Naomi Campbell on ‘Kimye’ Cover & Editorial Video for Vogue #NoThankYouVeryMuch #EndlessLaughing

  1. Haven’t watched Miss Campbell’s video yet [B.F. is asleep, blah³], but I’d rather see Miss Freon-In-The-Veins / Notorious Pain-In-The-Posterior chunking her cell phone at an unsuspecting victim — or, hell, even blowing chunks, for that matter — than this catastrophic cover choice.


    Can’t. Even.

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