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Naomi Campbell on ‘Kimye’ Cover & Editorial Video for Vogue #NoThankYouVeryMuch #EndlessLaughing


As the fashion world reels to the news the the ever relevant irrelevant ‘Kimye’ has taken over the Vogue cover, Naomi Campbell has spoken out. Or perhaps pulled the most epic LOL on the face of the planet. Normally I think she is stone cold B*tch, which can be great in fashion and modeling. No, really. However this time I want to hug that frozen goddess and thank her. Her rebuttal to the nasty made everyone smile. Possibly even Anna Wintour.

Check out the video below.

Snoop Dogg’s Reason’s to Vote PrObama, Or Something Like a List

I don’t know if it;s the last of the flu hanging on that made this hilarious or the fact that Snoop was so damn high when he wrote this. Either way it’s a winner!

Snoop DOGG’s (you are not a Snoop Lion of Zion in the public’s eyes’, keep that private baby. That’s too much Puff Daddy shit for me) too awesome list on reason’s not to vote for Romney and to vote for Obama;

Although I actually watch the debate’s on politic’s I am in agreement with, ‘That motherfucka’s name is Mitt‘, and probably, “Obama looks like he can fight‘.
Thoughts on this divine piece of writing?