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SS 2013 Dolce and Gabbana’s Platforms and Prints! Retro 60’s Africanique Chic with a Side of Grecian Goddess #funkalicious

Dolce and Gabbana never cease to amaze me.

I believe they are the one design house that is consistently creating fashion that is wearable art. Playful, chic, unique, specialized and always with a twist they outdo themselves every season, creating something most can’t even imagine as much as visualize and make.

Check out some of the over the top, brightly colored beach, Grecian & Caribbean print chic they brought to life;

Backstage, retro stripes and Grecian inspiration for SS 2013 D&G line

Backstage mirrored supermodel sauciness

Gladiator print on a stunning orange/sexy silhouette with stunning platforms and breton stripes galore this season

Stripes and 60s twist done with D&G overdrive

Striped beach wear perfection, fab purse but I proclaim these the most stunning platforms of SS 2013!!!

Show stopper in bronze, red and yellow

Wicker and lace in perfect taste!

Couture Crazy and wearable?! Of course, it’s D&G!! A perfect end to SS 2013 ❤









All hail the duo known as Dolce and Gabbana!

They are ALWAYS straight up fun. I hate stuffy designers who take themselves too seriously and these two always leave the show goers gasping and the runway smiling.

Paris Hilton Says How Gay Sex is Gross Cause You Get AIDS #badform (audio)

Wow. I admit the Lohans, Bynes and so on of the world are special, maybe stupider than most but still manage to escape their bad behavior. Or are loved for it (coughLohanSheenStewartcough).

This however takes the cake. The Paris Hilton cake that is.

In the audio below Paris comments on how she thinks Gays = horny = AIDS = Gross, ew, ew, etc. Radar says on Sept. 7th, 2012, that Paris Hilton was with a friend who is gay and were in the back of a cab. The driver secretly recorded them talking about the phone app ‘Grindr’.

I quote from this lovely audio;

“Ewww! Eww. To get fucked? Gay guys are the horniest people in the world…. I would be so scared if I were a gay guy. You’ll like, die of AIDS.”

Way to go wonky eye. It’s not like you haven’t slept with half the world’s under 35 rich and single crowd.

Her PR firm of course tried to pass off this gorgeously written lie;

Paris Hilton’s comments were to express that it is dangerous for anyone to have unprotected sex that could lead to a life threatening disease. The conversation became heated, after a close gayfriend told her in a cab ride, a story about a gay man who has AIDS and is knowingly having unprotected sex. He also discussed a website that encourages random sex by gay men with strangers. As she was being shown the website her comments were in reference to those people promoting themselves on the site. The cab driver who recorded this, only provided a portion of the conversation. It was not her intent to make any derogatory comments about all gays. Paris Hilton is a huge supporter of the gay community and would never purposefully make any negative statements about anyone’s sexual orientation.

The only reason you still ‘party’ and get in to ‘clubs’ just flew out the window. Gays are your bread and butter hunny and you just let the narrow-minded yokel in you shine. No more rainbows, glitter or West Hollywood Pride Parade’s for you. You just got stripped of your rainbow lapels and court marshaled.

Bad form Paris, bad form

Happy Roshashanah to Muh Jews in the House! L’Shana Tovah w the Muppets and Hardcore Jewish Girls rapping (video)

Happy New Year to Jewish friends, family and me! Today is the Jewish New Year. I have my challah and am rocking out to…this.

A very ‘Muppet L’shana Tovah’ and ‘Hardcore Jewish Girls Chicks’, Miriam and Shoshana.

And of course big love to the goyum in the house. Over here, we don’t care what denomination you are just as long as you rock.

Adolfo Sanchez SS 2013 Collection From #NYFW

I love following the careers of designers who are friends. Seeing them struggle to make it in to such a tight-knit world. Then next day showing designs on #NYFW. This bitch is proud.

Adolfo Sanchez is no longer someone to watch for but to be watched. His designs cross the border from pret-a-porter to couture. Constantly ahead of the trend and never afraid to create unique and fresh designs.

This year Adolfo Sanchez showed his collections at the Chelsea Piers with a collection that reflected on the organic with elements of the ocean. Staying on trend we saw monochromatic mixed with dashes of coral, and tons of sexy skin.

Below is the entire collection for SS 2013.

Favorite Pieces? Thoughts?

To shop Adolfo Sanchez Designs click the link below.

Pre-order for SS 2013 by emailing the company directly.

It Doesn’t Take a Genius: iPhone vs. Samsung S3 Android, a Snappy Comeback/Slap in the Face

Recently our trusty Android’s from Samsung took a rather nasty legal hit (read HERE; by the makers of iPhone in the legal department. Although they may have to pay 1.049 billion in damages, something tells me Samsung will make it back quickly with this advertisement;

Ouch! Apple ‘Geniuses’ beware. Droid has it out for you. Besides, the full specs on the S3 in that ad make iPhone look second par. And it is. Unknown to many users of the tech trendy iPhone, Droid’s are the number phone in the good ol USA.

As far as advertising, I’m wondering how iPhone will strike back. I’m sure Siri is plotting revenge as we speak.

What do you use?

Robocop Redux, Stealing my Childhood, One Piece at a Time

This has to stop. Every time a Hollywood producer makes a remake, a kitten dies. Ok, maybe not, but I die a little inside.

The newest victim; Robocop. According to these are the newest pictures being released of the ‘new’ and very much NOT improved Robocop.

I think I just threw up in my mouth a little. I will say this in its favor;

1) In this global economy everyone needs a paycheck…badly. (They are filming this in Toronto, which is like Canada stealing our cash/jobs for our film industry. I ❤ Canadians but it is bad form by the producer.)

2) Great cast co-starring Gary Oldman, Michael Keaton, and Samuel L. Jackson, as well as Abbie Cornish, Jackie Earle Haley, Michael K. Williams, Jay Baruchel, Jennifer Ehle, and Marianne Jean-Baptiste. With Joel Kinnamin as Robocop (Game of Thrones, for you geeks).

Joel Kinnamin is a Swedish-American from Stockholm, so I can’t throw shade (I’m Swedish, gotta support your people). However he was utterly unlikable on ‘Game of Thrones’s’ (- one point). But to he IS dating Olivia Munn (+ point there).

I have mixed feelings about this production. Great cast, possibility for good movie. Destroying my childhood like this, well EVERYONE has had enough. Plus, the suit looks more Alien vs. Predator than Robocop.

I’m 50/50 on this. How are you feeling about the new Robocop and suit?

Just 45 Minutes from Broadway Premier – Coming Soon (Plus Official Trailer)

Being a producer, Cinephile and all around entertainment junkie I am happy to say I will be going to the Premier of Henry Jaglom’s, ‘Just 45 Minutes to Broadway’ in a couple of weeks. It has Tanna Frederick, Judd Nelson, Julie Davis and Diane Salinger. Excited!!(thanks to Robert Kenney in advance)

Should be an excellent adventure. And I hope the
play/film is as good as I hope. I’ll review it soon.

xox a million times Heathyr

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