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Charlie Sheen Thinks Lindsay Lohan is a Mess…..and He’s Right! #ScaryMovie5 Drama

When will Lohan learn to bring forth her wizardry and tiger’s blood? It better be soon because even Charlie Sheen is shaking his head at this mess.
Recently Lohan was hired to shoot ‘Scary Movie 5’. However although shooting has begun Lohan has been absent with ‘walking pneumonia’.








Really Lohan? Only if walking pneumonia means meth addiction hunny.

She claims she wasn’t in the script for the scene they were shooting. Seem’s that Lohan has been absentee from the beginning and wouldn’t participate in anything.

“Lindsay missed every meeting she had for the film, including script reads and wardrobe meetings. Then she missed her flight to Atlanta on Sunday to shoot the movie. The producers had been getting signs Friday that she was a mess, and would not be fit to work. She is under contract — so to get out of it, she had to prove that she was sick. She tried to prove she has walking pneumonia. She’s been locked up in her room at the Bowery Hotel. She’s been in a tailspin. Even Charlie Sheen worried she might not be able to do the scene.”

Lohan my dear you have a REAL problem. Like heading for dead problem. If Charlie Sheen is worried you know it’s bad.

Seems’ also there is a scene where she and Tiger Blood (Sheen) kiss and she refuses to do that as well. I hate to be the one to cue her into reality but Charlie Sheen sans his fake teeth look better than she does right now.

I say they should just shoot it as a reality show and call it ‘Scary Movie 5 – the Sheen/Lohan saga’.

I’d watch it.


Jennifer Lawrence is a Pretty Bird in W Magazine

Beautiful, talented, and often killed by marauding arrows, Jennifer Lawrence is a woman of many talents. Not only that but recently she graced the cover of W Magazine black swan style.

With freshly dyed locks, she is an absolute stunner in these photos.

Despite the fact half the birds in the world are running around nude after this photo shoot I ADORE this. She has finally broken out of her pudgy little girl stage and is a stunner. PETA be damned, this feather spread is gorgeous and she has gone full peacock baby.

Marchesa SS 2013 Brings an Bollywood Inspired Look to #NYFW. Chic, Unique and Against the Trend.

Marchesa designs are something to be loved, adored, worn on EVERY red carpet during Hollywood award season and absolutely kept an eye on. This year upcoming season we will be seeing gorgeous Bollywood looks from Marchesa hitting the red carpet.

The already stunning beauty of sari’s and embellishment is enough to tantalize the eye. This is Marchesa fashion house we are talking about though and a little more magic much be created.

Marchesa added a few of their signatures to create their ‘look’ for SS 2013. With fringe, plenty of skin, gauze covered dresses with oceans of organza they created ethereal goddess on the runway.

Dreamy perfection indeed.

Take a look;

Fringe is never out of style

A dress fit for a Goddess! (Or me?)

Indian chic in pink

This devastates, and the matching bag makes it red carpet ready

Layers of luxe fringe make this perfection and just a little sassy

Dress du jour! I love gray simply because it goes with everything and everyone. Too chic.

Show stopper in blue. This dress stunned me.

Keren Craig and Georgina Chapman PLEASE take a bow. Well done!

Marchesa is stand out collection this year. Although they included a few of the color trends on runways this year, they threw caution to the wind and created art in fashion.

Marchesa is one of the best for the simple reason they create the unique, not the trend.

Herve Leger Breaks Fashion Boundaries and Trend for SS 2013

Spring/Summer 2013 New York Fashion Week shows are absolutely mind-boggling this years. Prabal Gurung has gone psychedelia 60’s and the 90’s rock and roll grunge era is being relived on the runway by some of the bigger fashion houses such as 3.1 Phillip Lim.

As always Herve Leger has stolen the show by NOT following the trend. Unique and definitely for the chic, Herve stunned me this year by taking his bandage dress and creating a feminine flirty dress and using geometric shapes to accentuate the positive.

Take a look;

-Delicious harness work on this gives this monochromatic dress a little extra sexy style

This year he stepped it up with a swim collection to die for

Itsy bitsy teeny weenie monokini I need!

Blue Bombshell, my roomie and I will be fighting over this dress if it ends up in my closet. Perfect for every woman and every shape.

The weaving on this made my heart skip a beat. A true show stopper!

As always Herve Leger kicked of SS 2013 with over the top sexy dresses for the girl who loves her curves. The swimsuits on the runway were an added bonus. Herve Leger has my vote for red carpet delicious diva’s everywhere. Invest ladies. Herve Leger’s fashion stock just went up!




Stephen Moyer and Anna Paquin had twins! #True Blood Romance

Ridiculous amounts of congratulations to Stephen Moyer and Anna Paquin today. Anna Paquin has delivered twins! Congratulations!









Unfortunately Anna & Stephens True Blood vampirelets were born prematurely.

“The babies were born a few weeks early but are in good health and both Mom and Dad are overjoyed,” the reps said in a statement to People magazine.

This is sad news but thankfully Beehl and Sookeh can afford to take care of the wee ‘uns until they are healthy enough to go home. I’m wishing the couple the best. Hopefully we will find out they named them nice VERY NORMAL names and what sex they are soon. Fangbangers everywhere want to know! Just like Season 6 of True Blood, we’ll wait for answers impatiently.

Fashion Night Out, Beverly Hills – Thanks to Runway Magazine!

I know I have been missing and you have missed me and this blog terribly. I had a fever flu. It makes you weak, ridiculous, grumpy, whiny and just plain a mess. You should be glad I wasn’t writing. It would have been a delusional mess, and I would have sounded something like Perez Hilton.

Back to Business.

Last Wednesday I was a lucky little monster. I was invited and CONFIRMED for #FNO in Beverly Hills presented by Beverly Hills Porsche and Wella Professionals. HUGE thanks to Runway Magazine for the invite.

Thank god for Advil Cold & Sinus. It is my secret weapon when doing business and ill. I use it so much they should sponsor me.

Outside was packed, professional and the list was so tight there was no room for anyone to fake VIP entry. Well done BH #FNO. Mikey Koffman of LA Fashion Weekend was hands on which was refreshing to see after the last LA Fashion Weekend fiasco. Nice to see her working with everyone and playing super nice.

(A little industry inside info. At one of her LA Fashion Weekend Koffman had the balls to piss off every photo agency and professional fashion photographer in LA. Mikey did not let them know until they arrived and that they would be forced to sign a waiver giving her possession of all photos. This is not only bad form but bad publicity. Anyone photog under contract with say ‘Getty Images/Splash News/AP Images’, has a contract that states they need permission to photograph said event and ALL photos got to ‘Getty/Splash/AP’ UNDER CONTRACT OF LAW of that event. It created a boycott that she is still on the mend from.)

Inside the line led to….the bar! If you ever go to a VIP event this will always be the most packed area. DO NOT approach if you are claustrophobic.

Crowd in line for bar

Breathing Room?

I made it!

I decided to check out the vendors. I love beauty and hair products. This has to be the only times I have ever regretted not having longer hair. West Hollywood salon ‘Nine Zero One‘ was doing a braid bar. ENVY!!

The stylists were incredibly nice and convinced me to come by and check out their salon since they are in the WeHo neighborhood. I talked with the girls at Wella, Napoleon Makeup Academy and of course spoke with a cute male rep for Glowglam facial masque. Everyone was on their game and I got to sample some amazing products.

Networking through the crowd I met Steven Escobar, Editor-in-Chief of Diversity News (my BFF for the evening)

Roger Tinsley aka Danger Man, I ran into an actor friend of mine Michael, a fabulous tranny

-A little too much vodka was had by all

And her cute blond, tipsy friend and got to catch the end of Dina El-Bar’s Fashion show and see Anthony Franco’s to die for collection

Anthony Franco & model

This was an amazing night.

Turns out we did have some celebrities in the audience. Bridget Marquardt from ‘Girls Next Door’ was in the front row. No wonder I liked her best on the show. She’s a fashionista at heart. out and between fashion, beauty and general fun I cannot send enough thanks to Mikey Koffman and of course James, CEO and Owner of Runway Magazine for the invite. Despite having the flu it was the highlight of my week.
Also I want to give a big thanks to Nelson Shen and Bob Degadillo for taking my picture on the carpet.

With Steven Escobar of Diversity News, Photo by Nelson Shen

Photo by Bob Degadillo

Remember this Fashionista’s and Fashion Bloggers in the making. Always be nice to your Networkers and your Photographers. They will make you shine like a star, even when you have the flu.

Lana Del Rey Graces GQ UK…..Nude.

The gorgeous songstress known as Lana Del Rey has done it again with an amazing cover by GQ UK. Naked.

Guys, you can thank me later for this.

Oh, there’s more. She was also voted ‘Woman of the Year’, which I fully endorse. Rocky that cover redhead. You make ginger’s proud.

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