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Zeitmahl at KKBB/Boardners July 24th, First Time in SIX YEARS!

Oh hooray! Zeitmahl, headed by international DJ Shok, will be getting their full band freak on for the first time in SIX YEARS at the legendary Boardners on Tuesday, July 24th.


Not only will this old school LA band be rocking Kitty Kitty Bang Bang, but they are making it extra special, adding multi-media AND celebrating DJ Shok’s birthday. Think of this as the pre-party to the mega event itself. Kitty Kitty Bang Bang is honoring Zeitmahl and Shok by bringing Belly Dancers, DJs and making this an all around fun-filled, and daringly sexy, hot summer night.

Remember to RSVP for FREE entry. Dontcha just love free things? The 99% think free is awesome, so

See you at

Boadners by LaBelle

1652 M. Cherokee Ave

Los Angeles, CA 90036

Plenty of parking, or

take metro red line to Hollywood and Highland and walk east to Cherokee, it’s on the south side of the street, down Cherokee, down the candle lit alley.

See you there music lovers!

Eclairee 2013 swimsuit collection

Yes it’s that time of year where start looking forward to next year’s trends. What colors, designs, materials and of course, how many pounds we have to lose to fit into those new fashions . Well i bring you the entire collection of Eclairee Swimmer.


Time to get bathing beauty pretty ladies, looks like in 2013 skin is in, and so is colorblocking. This trend surfaced in SS 2011 and has been going strong ever since. Thankfully this next year will be more about neutral colors and not so many nasty pastels. Here’s hoping the rest of my fashion week forecast is this positive.
Happy shopping!

Nicole Scherzinger Needs a Sandwich

I know New York Fashion Week is coming up but there is such a thing as too little weight, even for the runway. Nicole Scherzinger seem’s to have found out what that is.

Recently revealed as the newest X Factor UK judge, the paparazzi snapped these not so lovely photos of Nicole as she was leaving the London Radisson.

Ouch Mami, you’re skinnier than me and I’m 5’2! And those low crotch pants make it worse. (As a post note I ask NO ONE wear these, they are NOT fashionable)

Nice back bones there. Excuse me while I go binge on pasta.

Her personal assistant needs to be fired for NOT FEEDING HER. A dancer should never be this skinny. Especially since she has always been hailed up for her gorgeous ‘curves’. If she thought wearing white would add weight to her photos, it did just the opposite.

As a new role model for girls in the UK we sure hope she starts eating healthier. Even Unkle Karl wouldn’t let this bitch down the runway. Take care of yourself Nicole, we don’t need another celebrity tragedy (we already have Lindsay Lohan).

Who Will Play Hugh Hefner in his BioPic? Vanity Fair Weighs In.

I turn around to look at some Fassbender pictures for three seconds and ALMOST missed. Yes after much deliberating and hem’s and guffaw’s, Hugh Hefner, ‘Playboy’ extraordinaire has agreed to do a Bio Pic of his life. This raises the question, who will be cast of Hef?

It has to be the creme de la creme of Hollywood. Vanity Fair had some smashingly good idea’s;


If we’re looking for a young Hef, a lanky Andrew Garfield could fit the bill with the right pipe, smoking jacket, and mid-century mannerisms. Based on the square jaw, smirk, and charm, we could also see David Duchovny, Christian Bale, or Michael Fassbender playing a more mature Hef. To portray his first wife, Mildred Williams, a cute brunette, we’d cast Ginnifer Goodwin; for his second wife, 1989 Playmate of the Year Kimberley Conradt, we’d choose Alice Eve; and for his daughter, Christie Hefner, who is the former C.E.O. of Playboy Enterprises, Elizabeth Banks seems spot-on.

Who ever they may pick better have balls of steel. Hef is no easy role to play. He has business smarts, is dashing, odd, probably a bit perverted. On a charm scale of 1-10 he is 25. Who do you think can make Hef shine?

Charlize Theron & Michael Fassbender 69…In W Magazine!

I love the fashion industry because we get to use the hottest men/women in the world for steamy spreads and call it work.

Ladies and Gentlemen I bring you something titillating. Welcome to the hottest issue of W Magazine this year. Taking Michael Fassbender (mmmm…Fassbender) and the Goddess known as Charlize Theron to the limit for  the masses.

W Magazine’s Charlize Theron and Michael Fassbender: Smash of the Titans editorial.

This has to be the hottest 69 in 2012. I have to give it to W, they know how to bring the sexy. Do we care about the clothes? Hardly. This has to be one for the history books.

The rest of the spread can be seen below;

Go to it W. We’re proud to see you making leaps and bounds in fashion, editorial and the celeb realm. Hot, sexy, and couture. You nailed it.

Now for the real question.

Where do I hang this in my bedroom?

Read the full article here;

Amber Peach Talks Pornstars and Obamacare. ‘Pornstars Get the Shaft’.

I recently came across an article on the Huffpost by the glorious and sweet Amber Peach.

Isn’t she cute folks?

She may be cute but but she’s also wicked smart. This gorgeous pornstar wrote an amazing blog on how ‘Pornstars are Getiing the Shaft from Obamacare’. It’s really sad.

Not only do these gorgeous girls only make approximately $30,000 a year, but the average girl only does about 300 scenes in their lifetime.  Despite this limited career they are considered ‘high risk’ candidates, and it won’t even pay for their STD testing which is required every 28 days. These girls and boys are paying out-of-pocket!

Read the article below and tell us what you think of Obamacare’s plan to ‘stiff’ these adult actors.

(From Huffpost link; BY Amber Peach @AmberPeach,

Porn stars make a ton of money for having sex with relative strangers on camera, right?

Whether we would like to admit it or not, most of us have enjoyed at least one adult movie in our lifetime. But with documentaries like After Porn Ends, which came out last month, and Obamacare dominating the news, have you ever wondered what these two things have in common? Probably not. But here is a little known fact: up until now, insurance companies considered doing pornography for a living a “pre-existing condition.” This means, even if the average female porn star, who (on the high end) may do 300 scenes in her career that spans maybe 10 years, that’s about $30,000 a year. And more than likely, she doesn’t have health insurance. Yep, you heard me right, porn stars don’t make much more money than the average American. We have all heard that porn is a billion or even trillion-dollar business, but like most porn stars’ boobs, that number is actually a little over-inflated. According to Forbes the figure is closer to around $520 million, which is then distributed among countless companies. Most of this profit goes to the top, the majority of the actors themselves not getting any type of residuals — only being paid on a scene-by-scene basis as an independent contractor. But I digress.


So back to my original point, how will the president’s new healthcare plan affect porn stars? Well, considering that most porn actors are considered independent contractors, none of them would be eligible for healthcare through their employer. So that would mean that they would be responsible for finding their own health insurance. But in theory, insurance companies would no longer be able to completely deny adult industry workers insurance. But would they still have to pay a premium for “high-risk” insurance — insurance that runs about $500 per month? This would mean that men and women would have to pay roughly 20% of their monthly income on health insurance.


Even factoring in feature dancing and other income, $500 a month is a lot for health insurance. And this doesn’t include STD testing, which performers have always paid out-of-pocket every 28 days. This would only be health insurance in case of emergency, in case something terrible happened like they got cancer or were in a car accident. Under the current healthcare system, most adult performers rely on luck and little else when it comes to health care. And when something does go wrong, like in the case of Nicki Hunter, co-host of Playboy Radio’s Night Calls, who found out she had lymphoblastic leukemia in 2007. Nicki found that her fellow performers were willing to pull together and do fundraisers to help her pay off the mountain of debt caused by her illness. Or Stephanie Swift, who also got cancer and racked up a ton of debt. And even the most resent tragedy to befall the porn community, the death of Holly Stevens from cancer. He may not want to think about it just yet, but her husband now has stacks of medical bills to figure out how to pay, in addition to grieving for his wife. And not everyone has the admiration and backing like some of these stars do. Not everyone will get help from the porn community and fans.


So as the rest of the nation, and the world, waits to see if the healthcare bill will even be implemented, the adult film community holds its breath to see just how they will be affected. Will they finally have the security of health insurance, or will they get the shaft like they have so many times before?



Shopping in the Hampton’s with Adolfo Sanchez Design & Idra Alta Moda, July 20-21st!

Everyone one know ‘The Hampton’s’ are THE premiere spot for vacationing and being fabulous on the East Coast during summer. It’s a must have on your list of places to stay.

Don’t have a house there, get a time share. Don’t have a time share? Go for a day trip and act like you do. Can’t act that bourgeois, run for your life. A very well dressed lynch mob is coming for you with pitchforks by Eddie Bauer.

Besides elegant dinner parties, walks on the beach and enjoying a relaxing spot what else is there to do. Well, hunny when the rich get bored, they go shopping.

Luckily we are bringing you a little International talent in the design department with Adolfo Sanchez Designs;


AND Idra Alta Moda (one of NY’s top furriers);









They are being presented by a great cause, The Risa Pulver Project.


I ADORE ethical shopping. It always feel’s better knowing I am supporting a good cause. Also featured are vendors Glen Arthur and Love and Luck Jewelry.

From Pret-A-Porter to cute and kitsch, there will be something for everyone. Grab your nearest and dearest Diva and go down and experience the beauty first hand.

What you are going to miss this? No problem. Check out more Adolfo Sanchez Designs here;

Their Facebook business page

or the main website for shopping (thank god for mail order)

Interested in looking fashion forward for Fall? Find Idra Alta Moda and their 2012 collection HERE;

or their Facebook

Happy Shopping!

US Approves First-Ever Pill to Help Fight HIV

A daily regimen of Truvada is estimated to cost $14,000 per year, putting it out of reach for many [GALLO/GETTY]

Although enormously expensive the Truvada pill has finally been released. Truvada is the first pill known to directly fight the spread of HIV.

A Three year study in healthy HIV carrier up to almost 42%. This is huge milestone and despite its hefty price I believe we are actually ready to start combatting HIV and AIDS, instead of elongating pan and suffering. With an estimated 50,000 new cases per year we need more pro-active measures to help combat HIV and AIDS. Truvada may be the beginning of the end.

Of course like any medication Truvada is not without its nasty side effects. Truvada has been known to cause nausea, diarrhea, abdominal pain, headaches and weight loss. Is it really worth it? The answer will always be yes to those that suffer and live with the HIV and AIDS virus.

It may be a baby step but we ARE on the right track. Let’s end this epidemic.

Read More from Al Jazeera English here

US approves first-ever pill to help fight HIV – Americas – Al Jazeera English.

Marc Jacobs and His New Love “Dot”

Don’t worry it’s not what you think. Or perhaps it’s exactly what you think if you are in the know. Marc Jacobs released his new signature fragrance to the public, “Dot”.

I love Daisy. It’s light, youthful, flowery with a hint of girly. What is so different about ‘Dot’? How will this fragrance captivate and enthrall Marc’s audience?

Below Marc Jacobs talks ‘Dot’ and what it is as well as the creation process.

Fascinating and interesting as always we approve and can’t wait to give a try Marc. After all anyone who can pull off a dress like he did is well worth supporting.

Breaking News – Sylvester Stallone’s son Sage Dead at 36 RIP

Earlier Sage Stallone was found dead in his Hollywood apartment Friday. He was 36.

Sources say it was from a ‘possible’ pill overdose. It is unknown at the moment if that was the cause of death. Sage was the son of Sylvester and his ex-wife Sasha Czack.

Sage is a well-known Actor, Director, Producer and worked as a Screenwriter. According to news sources Sage was planning a wedding to his fiance, working on new projects and was supposedly very happy. So sad.

A rep for Stallone commented;

“Sylvester Stallone is devastated and grief-stricken over the sudden loss of his son Sage Stallone. His compassion and thoughts are with Sage’s mother, Sasha. Sage was a very talented and wonderful young man. His loss will be felt forever.”

Our condolences go out to the Stallone/Czack family. Let’s hope the gossip rags (coughTMZ) give them a little respect and time to grieve.


Lindsay Lohan Lies…AGAIN.

I’d like to thank Michael K and crew at for this AWESOME photo.

Yes, the inevitable has happened. Lindsay Lohan lied AGAIN, this time about her Porsche accident. Remember the post where she hit a semi? Remember how it was the Trucks fault? Then it was the bad brakes on her rental Porsche.

Guess what hunny? No one believes the little redheaded blond who cries meth crystals anymore.

Porsche actually picked up the car. They tested the so-called faulty brakes and the test proved….drum roll please….they work perfectly.

According to;

Porsche picked up LiLo’s bruised and busted car from the place she rented it from and ran a few brake tests on it. Shockingly, the brakes worked fine and Porsche couldn’t find anything wrong with them. So the only thing broke is LiLo’s ability to barf up the truth.

Uh oh, the shit just hit the fan. Again.

Let’s see if she can bribe, talk, lie her way out the jail time she’ll be facing.

Do think Lindsay Lohan well dodge charges on her car crash or is Porsche going to reem her and throw her away to detox in jail AGAIN?

7/12/12 Artwalk Riot in DTLA; What really happened (how to ruin a good night)

Because news is heresy and I was there. I want to tell you my story and what REALLY happened.

First let me clarify, OCCUPY LA movement was not involved. If there were there on their own accord, they were bystanders who got drawn into POLICE/LAPD fire. Those people fight for their right peacefully.

Might I add this once again is forcing my dislike for the police in this town. Stalked for four years, they can’t help, someone attacked me in my house, they tried to victimize me and say I did it. I’m shaking my finger at you very vigorously LAPD (get it together boys).

In sequence my night started off lovely. My roomie came home from work hot and sweaty and I was taking her to her FIRST Artwalk in DTLA. We dressed up, were meeting friends. Perfect.

Then the rain started and it was even better. Cooling off everyone helped easy the aggro and we needed the rain. Add a perfect colorful LA sunset and a shot of vodka and my night was off to a good start.

The first thing I see as I get down to Artwalk is this loveliness.

Hooray for this window. Next we stopped off to see Tina Summers at her boutique half a block from 5th & Spring at ‘Uniqbill’ Boutique. My roomie got some serious spike earrings and we chatted.

I was warned by Tina and her family that there was a protest 1/2 a block west from 5th & Spring. Turned out the bullhorn I had heard was the cops ‘hassling people’ “Fine”, I said, we’ll just go the other way”. And we did, and it was fine.

We ventured into the Artwalk ‘I Art U DTLA Pop up Boutique at 521 S. Spring st.

It was packed full of happy and hot shoppers.

Look at all the angry people. Oh right, that is what is missing from this picture.

Stopping by Astera Leather’s booth we found awesome Gir coasters made of leather by Kim Weaver.

And headed over to view the awesome display at Candy Wax Cutie

These guys are a very cool creative collective of Artists, Photographers, Film Makers, Models, Fashion Designers and Make Up Artists who are making art in every way possible. I spoke to one of the girls there extensively. They really pulling together to be professional and unique in what they do. Check out the display of one of the Costumers.

After she gave us free Monster (hallelujah, free energy drinks) she warned us thing were bad outside on 5th how we came. Again I answered, “No problem we’ll go out the back” and we did.

That was about 10:20PM, and then shit started going bad as we exited on to 6th as we headed to 7th and Pershing Squares Metro.

First Police helicopters flew in, then we were passed by 10 cop cars sirens blaring shooting down Spring. In the midst of it all we walked a block to far so we cut across Pershing Square. There was chalk art everywhere. Kitties and rainbows and some hearts and the word ‘Peace’.  Really fun, innocent and cute. This is what the police were fighting with people about. Yep. Chalk art by sweet peace-loving kids.

As we neared 7th again and crossed the street we the police were about 50 feet from us. All in riot gear. Cars blocking the street, 20 cops in a line in riot gear. 15 feet from them, one stationed at each staircase leading into the metro at Pershing Square. I figured try getting in and if necessary run and catch it ANYWHERE else.

As we crossed the street we actually passed this kid, shirt up, surrounded by his friends taking cell phone pictures.

Weird finding a photo the next day.

I pulled my roomie away from him. At that moment we saw the elevator. Whipped around the corner, caught it with 5 others. Last minute a couple ran in. We all looked at each other and giggled nervously.

After that I called a few people CBS News and NBCLA were already spreading false facts. Police were hurt, etc. and it was an OCCUPY LA thing. It wasn’t.

Truth be told it was over some nice people passing out chalk to draw with. The kind you give a five-year old.The police didn’t like it and used force. Probably said it was destruction of property. Innocent bystanders got hit with rubber bullets and bean bags. Shot in the face and attacked for loving art and Los Angeles.

Not only that but they totally ruined my shopping buzz. Which is a far bigger sin than they know.

Unforgivably it was very real violence. Why this? And why on a night of festivities, music and promoting artists?

Thanks LAPD, You really ruined a beautiful night. For everyone

Below, My roomie and I post riot.

To support some of the artists from that night and help them out, check out their wares and promote them gt to these websites;

Candy Wax Cutie Collective,,

Ill Street Blues Clothing

Astera Leather (gir and jack skellington coasters)!

Forward to All Clothing

Jonah Elliot & Kitty Cake Designs

Bounty Wars Update


Bounty Wars premiered last Sunday. After talking about it and plugging it mercilessly I thought you should know….

The first show received over 1 Million VIEWS!! Holy crap. And I am proud to say YOU made it happen. And my incessant plugging.

So let’s keep with the program kittens. Another episode is showing Sunday at 10 PM ET/PT time on the Discovery Channel. I know you won’t miss this. I’ll be watching. So should you.

PS – join the Official Bounty Wars on Facebook HERE

Happy Friday the 13th, and a little history lesson

Oh hooray! It’s Friday the 13th. Since I am a bit backwards, my parents always taught me it was a lucky day to celebrate. Not one to hate on.

Not everyone is so lucky. Most people have a fear of Friday the 13th. It’s a bad day for bad things. Might as will stay under the covers.

Legend has it: If 13 people sit down to dinner together, one will die within the year. The Turks so disliked the number 13 that it was practically expunged from their vocabulary (Brewer, 1894). Many cities do not have a 13th Street or a 13th Avenue. Many buildings don’t have a 13th floor. If you have 13 letters in your name, you will have the devil’s luck (Jack the Ripper, Charles Manson, Jeffrey Dahmer, Theodore Bundy and Albert De Salvo all have 13 letters in their names). There are 13 witches in a coven.

Some people even refuse to go to work on this day.

Most of these fears are irrational and learned as children. Stories, folktales and irrational fears become a long-standing tradition. Most of these things were taught to children to keep them from doing incredibly stupid things during dark and archaic times.

Really there is nothing to be afraid of. Or is there?

Have a paralyzing fear of Friday the 13th? Well you may have what is called, friggatriskaidekaphobia.

The fear of Friday the 13th has been called friggatriskaidekaphobia (Frigga being the name of the Norse goddess for whom “Friday” is named and triskaidekaphobia meaning fear of the number thirteen)

Sadly it is a very real condition.

According to, a group in the UK studied Friday the 13th and hospital admissions. Because of this silly paranoia, 52% more car accidents are likely to happen on friday the 13th.

We live in the 21st century. Why would we STILL embrace this?

Let’s not forget Jason?

Adding a really awesome horror series to this ‘afflicted’ day. You reeled in ever teen from here to 1970 something and made them have an extra special phobia Jason will visit on this dreaded unlucky day.

Hi mom, I love sharing Friday the 13th so much, I beheaded you, so you can celebrate it with me. *Shudder*

How do we counteract this crazy friggatriskaidekaphobia?


This means DO walk under a ladder. If a black cat crosses your path you’ll be safe and happy all day. Have dinner with your favorite 13 people. Go get your horror freak on and watch EVERY Friday the 13th movie EVER made. That’ll show Mr. Hockey mask.

Today might be Friday the 13th but it doesn’t mean it’s bad. In fact make it your lucky day.

It’s happening 3 times this year 13 weeks apart. Might as well embrace the dark side and enjoy it.

1st ep of Bounty Wars; You’ve seen my post’s, Now WATCH IT! (Video incl.)

I have been babbling and joyously promoting ‘Bounty Wars’. You have heard me sing the praises. I speak loudly when promoting the good shit. And this is.

Welcome to Discovery Channel’s…

Well, since it premiered it’s only fair I share the episode with you. Here is the complete video, Bounty wars, Season 1 Episode 1;

BUT, I ask only one favor in return. Your soul. Hahaha, just kidding.

But seriously folks…

1) Watch episode Two’s teaser here

And be prepared to catch next weekend’s episode on Sunday, 7/15 ET/PT 10pm

2) Get off your sweet butt and write a kick ass comment on Discovery’s comment section for ‘Bounty Wars’ HERE;

Let’s keep the good shows alive. It is SO hard to find good viewing these days.

Oh and if you are feeling incredibly motivated, spread the word. Every viewer counts.

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