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Rihanna is Sucking My Will to Live – New Video Unedited ‘Stay’ w Mikky Ekko #Rihanna #Tub #Stay #Snooze


Look. It’s Rihanna. In a tub. Not doing anything. Still not doing anything. Look it’s Rihanna’s tattoo. Look its—zzzzzz.

Yes we have the new unedited version of Rihanna’s ‘Stay’ With Mikky Ekko. Rihanna is usually mad talented so I thought I would watch it. I even thought hey Michael K. over at Dlisted might just be a little bitchy when it comes to this. Nope.  I have to say after the first 15 seconds I started closing my eyes and letting my head fall to one side. Let’s just say ballads are not Riri’s strong point. And the video? It really is….something.

Check it below.

Kimye Poses as Jesus Christ in Brazil #Tacky #Tactless #StuntQueens

There comes a times when incredible egos do incredible stunts to be incredibly tacky to incredibly tabloid news. This would be one of them. Oh Kimye, What in Gods name are you doing?

Pregnant reality TV star Kim Kardashian wears a pink dress while her and boyfriend rapper Kanye West visit the Christ the Redeemer statue in Rio De Janeiro












No. Literally. What in Gods name are they doing?

Recently Kim Kardashian and her baby daddy Kanye West went to Rio De Janeiro to explore the wonders of Brazil. While at the ‘Christ the Redeemer’ statue, they decided to pull a trashy tabloid photo for the Brazilian paparazzi. Like only a stunt queen can they posed together as Jesus Christ.

Not only was this in bad taste (hey, it’s Kimye) but also blasphemy  Seeing as Kanye has a long history of likening himself to Christ I suppose we shouldn’t be shocked. Annnnnnnd, we’re not.

The reason being is when eg-ho’s this big crash together, OF course they think they are bigger than JC. It’s alright to be disgusted by it. They are clueless and tactless.

This photo proves all of that. Note little boys look of disgust in background and Kanye’s look of herpaderp.


Kanye’s Crystal Mask by Maison Martin Margiela. & Other Fashion Faux Pas #Concert #Costume #WTF

So many music performer’s today want to bring an intense shock value to the stage. Lady Gaga, Nicki Minaj and even Justin Bieber tries to up the fashion freak. Many times it work and other times it’s just a fashion faux pas.

Enter Kanye.

In recent shows Kanye has preferred kilt to pants and wearing 3x shirts with shutter shades. Hey, even made them a thing. Now, Kanye is just grasping. His newest ‘rock the shocker’ outfit showed up on his current tour and we just don’t know what the HELL he was thinking.


He was thinking he is fashionable. The mask is made by Maison Martin Margiela. And it is a couture piece.  And it was a FAIL.

This looks good on the runway but Kanye in this masque is just…..wrong. This could have been passable. But no.

Later, after a minor costume change he came out with this crazed feather thing on his head.


Oh Kanye. I get it. You have to get bigger and badder or people won’t pay attention but THIS, is not working for ya. Time to rethink the image hunny and get back to basics.
I love Kanye’s music but him as Lady Gaga, it’s just not meant to be.

‘Meggings’, Things to Leave Behind in 2012 #Fashion #Men #Why

You made me not Belieb

You made me not Belieb

I think the picture above says it all.

‘Meggings’ or man leggings are one trend we would LOVE to see die in 2012. I remember a ton of hair rockers wearing them in the 80’s. The premise was being ‘over the top’ or ridiculous. And it worked. Now meggings have resurfaced, but this time they are considered a fashion statement. (God save us)

According to http://fashion.telegraph.co.uk meggings are sold at some of the top luxury brand stores and are going international;

(In the US) Uniqlo, Barneys and Nordstrom are selling tights for men.

The bad news is they are on their way to Britain: Uniqlo is already selling them on its British website, and their success in New York is seen as an indication they will also prove popular here. (the UK)

Perhaps some of my skinnier-than-thou gays could work that style, or a REALLY hot metro sexual man. GQ boys can get away with anything.

Man leggings….meggings? I think there is a line you can cross with good taste and this it.

Russell Brand wore them but did it as a joke. Ya know, that funny ha-ha thing. And Justin Bieber has the fashion sense of a Disney kid. Ergo, what ever wardrobe gives him he wears. The Telegraph UK sites Lenny Kravitz wearing them, however he reeks of sex. He can pull of anything.

I hope to say good-bye to meggings this new years. Perhaps I will burn one in effigy and pray to the gods. Lets let meggings die in 2012 and skinny jeans reign free.

What do you think of the ‘Meggings’ trend. Do or die? Live or try?

Tyler Perry Gave Kim Kardashian a J-O-B. World Ends.


As we all rest well tonight on the lovely Christmas eve at least one person tonight will have nightmares, and it will be me. Let me explain.

People suffer through a special kind of hell everyday. Often it’s brought on by simple things. Bad Dressers, Bad make up the MAC girl sold you, Cholas with sharpie eyebrows, PR girls on their blackberrys, the party guy who won’t stop talking about himself, having to stare at Anne Hathaway’s landing strip, long waits for the bathroom in the mall, mysterious fan boys/girls who won’t stop IM’ing you. All these things make us irritable. Ok, ME irritable.

This time the annoyance is bigger than you or I. In fact it’s so big, it’s the size of Kim Kardashian’s booty! And Kim Kardashian is attached to it.


In fact if this were all about making fun of Kim’s booty I would not be the least bit annoyed. But instead it’s about a Tyler Perry movie. And Kim Kardashian is in it. And it looks REALLY, REALLY bad. And Kim’s in it.

Below is the trailer to torture your retinas with.

Ask yourself do you really want to watch this?


Uhhhh I dunno

First because it’s Tyler Perry and second cause it’s got Kim reading lines off cue cards in it. Frankly it looks like a Hallmark/Lifetime movie of the hour.

T-R-Y and enjoy. Or laugh really hard like I did. (Oh and Merry Christmas Eve kittens! Happy Holidays!!)

Santa arrested in Austin, TX for Giving out Sidewalk Chalk to Children #OccupySanta? #OccupyTexas

It seem’s no matter how nice you go about it, saying eff you to the man is still a reason to assault innocent protesters  How innocent are we talking? This year Austin, TX arrested…SANTA!!


This year Occupy protesters wanted to share good will and do something nice for the children.

Yesterday, Occupy Austin participant James Peterson decided to head down to the Capitol Building and hand out colored chalk to children to celebrate the holidays in a fun, non-violent way. The kids of course LOVED it. They drew things like ‘PEACE” and “JOY’ and ‘SANTA’ . So CUTE!


Because this is highly illegal (sidewalk chalk baaaaad)3 DPS cops ran down Santa and his helpers. They then threw him to the ground, face down, and arrested him.


To add insult and destroy the Christmas spirit for the kids, they also stripped of his Santa suit against a police car and 4 cops frisked him. In public.


Way to go Austin Police Department. This year you won’t JUST be getting coal in your stocking, but dog poo as well. Do you know how much your children hate you right now? Expect an emancipation order in your stocking when they hit 18.

Didn’t they watch ‘Miracle on 34th street’? Everyone knows you don’t mess with Santa!

Here’s hoping they are kind to him, drop charges and set him free ASAP. We’re rooting for you James Peterson, and Santa is too!

See the full gallery at the AustinChronicle.com HERE;


Shooting in Newton, Conneticut Leave Over 20 Dead #shame #terrible #sendlove


State police personnel led children from the school, following a shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary. – AP Photo/Newtown Bee, Shannon Hicks

To this day I will NEVER EVER understand why people do this.

A terrible shooting has occurred in Newton, CT leaving over 20 fatalities. 18 children and 6 adults shot at the school. Two were pronounced dead at hospital. The gunman is Adam Lanza, 20, says Conn. State Police spokesman Paul Vance.

Adam Lanza, 20, shot his mother Nancy Lanza dead at their home. He then drove to the school. Lanza’s mother was a teacher at Sandy Hook School and he “had a dispute with her”  which is why he targeted her Kindergarten class. Adam Lanza is described by neighbors as ‘odd’ and thought to be mentally ill, explaining his skewed reasoning.

Lanza was found dead inside the school from a self-inflicted gunshot wound, an official told the AP.


This horrific incident was addressed by President Obama who was very upset, and cried during his statement.

We’ve endured too many of these tragedies in the past few years.  And each time I learn the news I react not as a President, but as anybody else would — as a parent.  And that was especially true today.  I know there’s not a parent in America who doesn’t feel the same overwhelming grief that I do.

The majority of those who died today were children — beautiful little kids between the ages of 5 and 10 years old.  They had their entire lives ahead of them — birthdays, graduations, weddings, kids of their own.  Among the fallen were also teachers — men and women who devoted their lives to helping our children fulfill their dreams.

So our hearts are broken today

I am horrified this behavior has ever occurred and continues to occur. My heart goes out to every soul out there who has been effected by this.

Watch the full Presidential address on this here;

If you would like to read the full Presidential address on transcript, click below;


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