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DSquared2 You Make Me Crazy! Dsquared2 Pre Collection Fall Winter 2013/14 Womenswear with Jasmine Tookes #Cray-Cray #Video

I thought I had seen it all. Thanks to Youtube and DSquared2, I now know that I haven’t.

This very insane and unique video with Jasmine Tookes and Cara D. bring the cray-cray. Shot by the mad genius Senio Zapruder, this video not only has some of the most gorgeous pre-fall 2013 womenswear, but walks the fine line of insanity. Way to go boys, you did it again.
Enjoy the crazy below…..

And the full collection is featured below.

Very Lovely Soles for Everyone. #TresChic #HappyFeet

High fashion has my heart and shoe’s, my encompassing, undying love. As much I may love wearing high fashion shoes that scream couture, the reality is I walk. A lot. And have business meetings. And more business meetings. Followed by a red carpet event.

So…what’s a high fashion girl to do when she needs to combine functional with fabulous all in one day?

Get some Very Lovely Soles.

Coral Shoe Best Seller

Thankfully someone heard my plight.

Crocs be damned, and flip-flops shelved. Very Lovely Soles have come to my rescue with cute, chic flat’s that can cross over from me walking 3 miles to a business meeting.

The brainchild of designers Vanessa Seide and Rachel Traylor, Very Lovely Soles are gorgeous, simple, clean in design and most importantly, COMFORTABLE. With a combined 30+ years in the footwear industry these ladies combined their talents and created a winner in the land of footwear.

I love these embellished flat’s in slate. They have just the right amount of class.  I can mix them with my insane sense of style.

(Added bonus: If I am wearing this towards the end of fashion week I won’t get nasty stares from my designer friends. Yes they are that awesome.)

I’m sold!

Which one’s are your favorites?

How to know you have the right flats? They come with a tiny hummingbird logo to remind you how sweet they really are. Too cute. My Japanese friends would label these super ‘Kawaii’ aka too cute for words.

Now for the sad news….

They are only available in Larchmont, New York and selected boutiques, OR…..ONLINE. Hooray for online. We love web shopping. So stop crying and get out your credit card ladies it’s time to go online shoe shopping (again…hooray).

Click the shoes below and get a pair online. They are selling out fast!


Time to shop for Spring/Summer 2013, @MonikaChiang Style #Accessories #Shoes #Want #BlackisBack


If you haven’t acquainted yourself with up and coming designer Monika Chiang, now is the perfect time to. Having just received an email about her fabulous shoes I thought I ought to give her website a quick spin. Always, a great idea for a new Spring/Summer wardrobe, and bad idea for my bank account. Because….I want everything! But instead I’ll share a few key pieces I love.


Lava rock and swarovski necklace













This necklace oozes charm, style and a classic chic with a twist. The black lava chain gives it an industrial feel while the Swarovski classes it up enough to wear to a nice function. Absolutely a statement piece his screams little black dress and should be paired with something as fabulous as…..

Imena lace-up sandal

These shoes. These shoes that I am DYING for.

Lace-up sexy with a high heel to keep you above the rest the “IMENA LACE UP SANDAL, BLACK” screams La Femme Nikita. If James Bond ever turned int a woman she would bust these out. Seductress? Stiletto Sexy? Head turner? All of the above. I adore shoes so of course these are a must have on my list.

However, I am a woman on the go. I need to look smashing while being a little functional. Nothing says business like a black leather brief a la bag. I need a purse that screams business bitch, yet charms the man I am with.

Thankfully my search is over with the ever charming, “GABON LEATHER MESSENGER BAG”.

Baronleather messenger













This is functional, classy and is wearable for casual dates with jeans and those^ heels (Imena has my heart). The Gabon has extra zippers for an ‘edge’ and is easily carried or worn cross shoulder if you have to hit the subway.I love the look leather gets after elongated wear. Leather is forever and can last through numerous business meetings, airline flights and keep me looking classy.

Have I piqued your interest my fashionista’s? Good. Go shop the Monika Chiang collection here:

Monika Chiang Rocks!!

If you sign up for the newsletter and email list now, you can get 15% off your purchase! So what are you waiting for?

Nikki Rich and B:Scott x Sarah Scott at Concept LA #LAFW #RunwayReport #HeathyrWolfe

I have been busier than Paris Hilton on Rodeo Drive this week with Los Angeles Fashion Week. First off I want to say to all the organizers and designers, you really came through this year. If Anna Wintour had come out she would have renewed faith in our LAFW. Ya’all are organized and really showing the fierce this year!

Here’s the rundown of Saturday, 3/9.
















I went to the 5pm show for Nikki Rich and the 9pm show for B:Scott x Sarah Scott. I of course brought fellow fashionista and designer Amanda Christine of Aji, and later, crew member Patrice Prince.
















My 5pm outfit was better seen than photographed against the Concept LA art wall;
















Nikki Rich was a delight. They really put their best fashion foot forward. I expected more rock n roll looks, but they went more into clean lines with superior draping and choices of material. Casual enough to be pret-a-porter but fierce enough for the diva in club land. I was pleasantly surprised at how full it was and was quickly seated.

The line came out and the runway was well done, professional and unique. I saw material laced with a cracked earth effect. This had an entirely pleasant addition bringing an elegance and originality to the collection. There were neutral colors in the collection but Nikki Lund added dashes of navy blue and deep wine red into the designs. Everything was casual chic and completely wearable, with a nice mix and matchability. Check out the line below;

Later that evening after I changed and returned for the B:Scott event. Running late I found out this event had hit capacity and then some. The gates were closed and the seats were full. Worried I was not going to get in I did last minute!! I squeezed into a VERY full room, thanks to Alyssa. (thank you so much for an amazing show).

B:Scott x Sara Scott entered the runway with a fierce attitude. Mixed with urban chic, heir designs are beyond standard ‘street wear’. Material contrasted beautifully with leathers, wool, cottons. Letterman jackets mixed with snood hats and satin suits in fire engine red. Sleek casual men’s wear graced the runway to cheers. Ending with a standing ovation, B:Scott was the winner of the evening.

What few pictures I did get are below.

Thanks again to Siren Studios, Concept LA and Alyssa and Mallory!
Stay tuned. More LAFW to come.

Punk is NOT Dead! MET Costume Institute Displays Punk Coutoure. #McClaren #Westwood #McQueen #ROCK

All photos by Betty Sze of

All photos by Betty Sze of

Who say’s Punk is dead? Not the NY MET Costume Institute. Recently Anna Wintour, Riccardo Tisci and several others put their best punk foot forward at a gala to display a full array of punk wear. Original Vivienne Westwood/Malcolm McClaren, McQueen, Lagerfeld and Galliano’s outfits are displayed in this diverse look at punk influence.

Punk art & street influence began to show its distasteful head in the mid-1970’s and still has a rough handle on the fashion industry to this day. Ricardo Tisci of Givenchy, Vivienne Westwood and Malcolm Mclaren embraced it around 1976 and never looked back. To this day Westwood’s punk influence is still pretty heavy in her collections. You don’t get to be a well-known designer of 30+ years by playing it safe. And punk, has NEVER been safe.

Checkout the display in New York City from the MET evening of Punk.

All photos by Betty Sze of - Alexander McQueen, 2008

All photos by Betty Sze of – Alexander McQueen, 2008

All photos by Betty Sze of - Chanel by Karl Lagerfeld 2011

All photos by Betty Sze of – Chanel by Karl Lagerfeld 2011

All photos by Betty Sze of - Commes Des Garcon, 2004

All photos by Betty Sze of – Commes Des Garcon, 2004

All photos by Betty Sze of - Dior by John Galliano 2006

All photos by Betty Sze of – Dior by John Galliano 2006

All photos by Betty Sze of - Givenchy by Riccardo Tisci, 2007

All photos by Betty Sze of – Givenchy by Riccardo Tisci, 2007

All photos by Betty Sze of - left: Vivienne Westwood & Malcolm Mclaren 1976, Right: Rodarte, 2008

All photos by Betty Sze of – left: Vivienne Westwood & Malcolm Mclaren 1976, Right: Rodarte, 2008

All photos by Betty Sze of - Moschino, 1994

All photos by Betty Sze of – Moschino, 1994

All photos by Betty Sze of - Versace by Gianni Versace, 1994

All photos by Betty Sze of – Versace by Gianni Versace, 1994

All photos by Betty Sze of - Vivienne Westwood & Malcolm Mclaren 1976

All photos by Betty Sze of – Vivienne Westwood & Malcolm Mclaren 1976

All photos by Betty Sze of - Vivienne Westwood & Malcolm Mclaren, 1976

All photos by Betty Sze of – Vivienne Westwood & Malcolm Mclaren, 1976

All photos by Betty Sze of - Zandra Rhodes, 1977

All photos by Betty Sze of – Zandra Rhodes, 1977

Shopping in the Hampton’s with Adolfo Sanchez Design & Idra Alta Moda, July 20-21st!

Everyone one know ‘The Hampton’s’ are THE premiere spot for vacationing and being fabulous on the East Coast during summer. It’s a must have on your list of places to stay.

Don’t have a house there, get a time share. Don’t have a time share? Go for a day trip and act like you do. Can’t act that bourgeois, run for your life. A very well dressed lynch mob is coming for you with pitchforks by Eddie Bauer.

Besides elegant dinner parties, walks on the beach and enjoying a relaxing spot what else is there to do. Well, hunny when the rich get bored, they go shopping.

Luckily we are bringing you a little International talent in the design department with Adolfo Sanchez Designs;


AND Idra Alta Moda (one of NY’s top furriers);









They are being presented by a great cause, The Risa Pulver Project.


I ADORE ethical shopping. It always feel’s better knowing I am supporting a good cause. Also featured are vendors Glen Arthur and Love and Luck Jewelry.

From Pret-A-Porter to cute and kitsch, there will be something for everyone. Grab your nearest and dearest Diva and go down and experience the beauty first hand.

What you are going to miss this? No problem. Check out more Adolfo Sanchez Designs here;

Their Facebook business page

or the main website for shopping (thank god for mail order)

Interested in looking fashion forward for Fall? Find Idra Alta Moda and their 2012 collection HERE;

or their Facebook

Happy Shopping!

David Beckham Shoots Cover for Elle UK, NUMMY! Cover Revealed!

David Beckham get’s to rock the cover for Elle UK, the shoot, him in LA, half-naked in pool. #perfection!

Click the linky below for a full video of the shoot. Seem’s he has a thing or two to say about fashion as well. Seem’s the wifey had rubbed off on him.

London Love – Taxadermia Sample Sale Necklace at A is for Arsenic

Reasons why I love London Fashion Number #2,000,000, Subject #Noir

This is a sample sale piece from A id for Arsenic I could die for but will just desire deeply instead. Really it is chi-chi chic. It takes a bite out of you while remaining couture-esque stylish.

Taxadermia Sample Royal Deer Crest Chain Necklace


The necklace description just makes it a complete want and need for the noir, fetishista stylish goth girl.

Taxidermia is a modern re-imagining of Victorian mourning jewellery and attire, a graphic world of dark Victoriana, memento mori and macabre taxidermy. Featuring vicious yet elegant designs with a nod to the past, Taxidermia is a thoroughly contemporary art jewellery and apparel collection created and constructed in London.

An extravagant statement piece, the ‘Royal Deer’ necklace is not for the shy or faint of heart. A detailed and intricate pendant design featuring silhouetted stags, animal jaws and Victorian flourishes. Hand made in London from high quality materials, the necklace is constructed from heavy black chain and is adjustable in length. The pendant measures 13cm wide x 9cm high and is cut from glossy black laser cut perspex.

It also comes in a custom A is for Arsenic box ti make you feel extra special


This just gives me a greater respect for London underground fashion culture. It really is a piece of noir grande. Lush, sexy and beautifully crafted. It completes my fashion fetish. Interested? Here is the Link to buy

A is for Arsenic Taxadermia Necklace

Happy Shopping!

Santa Cruz-ing for the week

You may have noticed I have been MIA in Los Angeles culture as of late. Well this week has been a flurry of activity, but it’s been up north in Santa Cruz, California.

Santa Cruz IS a tourist town with tons of nature to see and experience. The trails up in UCSC ar made for hiking and mountain biking. The ocean is gorgeous and impressive and vegan, raw and organic eats are everywhere.

Here’s are a few highlights, for both the traditional and nontraditional traveler.

Once a year the Monarch butterflies migrate to the Natural Bridges eucalyptus groves. It is also incredibly beautiful. You have NEVER experienced nature until you have seen this. (Imagine trees that are nothing but butterflies!)


There is Westcliff Drive to walk on or drive along and beaches galore.

It is where surf culture started and Santa Cruz Skateboards, you got it, came to life. Skaters do flock here and love ripping up the sidewalk and curbs. There is a skate park on Westside Santa Cruz.

There is a KICK ASS boardwalk with rides and attractions. I recommend the Big Dipper, the Haunted House and anything that goes upside down. For shopping and dinner you will find a nice outdoor mall that is cute and kitsch with a side of hippie culture.

Let’s recap;

You can ride two roller coasters and get traditional cotton candy and hot dogs with your family.

And play hacky sack after renewing your medical marijuana card all in one day.

Something for the whole family.

Yes, this is what Berkeley used to be or, aka the town all the retired hippies and stoned students live in. There is a ton to do if you want to save the Earth, protect the ozone and raise awareness about tree frogs. This is the ultimate crunchy granola Cali town to relax in.

If you feel like kicking off your Louboutin’s for a week and trading them in for a pair of Vibram toe shoes, this is the town to get your hippie freak on. Hit the Boardwalk (wear GOOD walking shoes) for the day and then ditch your relatives for a late night smoke out and micro brews with some locals.

Santa Cruzing indeed.

Mark Zuckerberg Gets His Hoodie Freak On….On Wall Street


Today Mark Zuckerberg showed up to his meeting with major Wall Street conglomerates wearing his signature hoodie. Next week Facebooks billion dollar stock will hit the market. This casual attitude made many bankers ‘uncomfortable’ feeling that Zuckerberg was ‘too immature’ to run the company.

Question? Inferiority complex much? Sounds like Wall Street could use some fashion advice from this 30 something year old seeing as Facebook now has 901 million users.

Suck it up seersucker suits. You’re yesterdays news and fashion statement. Let tech reign free!

Balmain Bisous for the Bitch Goddess

I found the ultimate pair of pants.

They are dark, motorcycle bitch goddess sexy and not for the novice. these are utterly modern, stylish and unique. They are succulent, sexy and make your posterior look beyond amazing. They are…Balmain.

Who is Pierre Balmain and why has he stolen my heart? A quick history;

 Pierre Balmain was born in St Jean de Maurienne, Savoie, in 1914. After the end of the war, in the autumn of 1945, having studied under the greatest couturiers of the time, Molyneux and Lucien Lelong, he opened his own Couture house and set up business in the Rue François 1er. (Source from

The house of Balmain has a history that is rich, colorful and IS the name of luxury. Balmain bridges the gap between old couture and new street style. I admire the designers they have for taking a dash of Mugler and mixing it with Dior-esque timeless charm. That is why these tasty little wax jeans are my new obsession.

Pierre Balmain Wax Coated Stretch Pants

They are sexy and oddly enough high-end enough they can be thrown in the mix for a red carpet casual look. I also can see my self riding a motorcycle in them. Rough and tumble with sass and ass.  Brings out my diva bitch while keeping it classy (right ladies?).

Balmain embodies Paris but also a worldwide savoir faire. They know something the rest of us have yet to catch on to. How to keep casual sexy. Balmain is my new love. It is parfait amour with 1,000 Balmain bisous.

Don’t worry kittens, I’ll save kiss for you.

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